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Molang Free Amigurumi Pattern

this is kawaii molang :)

this is my handmade :3


sc : single crochet
dec : decrease
inc : increase
(the size of this doll is small) :)


any size of hook (its depend on you)
yarn white (for body) , a little black (for mouth) , a little pink (for cheek if you use yarn)
sewing needle (for yarn, of course) ~
polyester fiberfill
black beads (for eyes)

round 1 : sc 6 in magic ring
round 2 : (Inc) around (12)
round 3 : (Inc, sc 1) around (18)
round 4 : (Inc,sc 2) around (24)
round 5 : (Inc, sc 3) around (30)
round 6 : (Inc, sc 4) around (36)
round 7 : (Inc, sc 5) around (42)
round 8- 17 : sc around (42)

stuff the body

round 18 : (dec,sc 5) around (36)
round 19 : (dec, sc 4) around (30)
round 20 : (dec, sc 3) around (24)
round 21 : (dec, sc 2) around (18)
round 22 : (dec, sc 1) around (12)
round 23 : (dec) around (6)

stuff it until you satisfied, hehe
fasten off and weave in ends

Ears (make 2)
round 1 : sc 5 in magic ring (5)
round 2-4 : sc 5 around (5)
fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing

Hands (make 2)
round 1 : sc 5
round 2- 3 : sc 5
fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing

Feets (make 2)
round 1 - sc 7
round 2 : sc 7
fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing

1. Sew the hands and feet to the body
2. Sew the ears
3. For the eyes , just using glue and stick it
4. Sew the pink yarn below the eyes for the cheeks
(you can also use felt or maybe others, use your creativity)
5. Don't forget to sew the nose ya ,using black yarn

i'm sorry if you don't understand my pattern >3< (do tells me)
do share with me the dolls ,you make using this pattern :)

email : manjusang_moogle@yahoo.com
facebook page : Izumi Shop (LIKE it please ~ ><)
instagram : mirakagimoto 

(you can via email, facebook or maybe instagram just tag me ya :))
This is an original pattern mira-chan pattern.
Please do not claim as your own , do share my link at page ya.. :)
but PLEASE do not repost it >3<

Amigurumi..GA coming soon ~

Hello friends..kekeke.
sorry lama tak update blog, no idea meyhh xDDD

Mira akan buat GA soon :)
hanya di facebook laa, hehe dekat blog buat masa ni stop kejap..
hadiah dia dah tentu "AMIGURUMI"

tak ada kerja tu sibuk menaip entry, sambil layan inkigayo yang akak rakam...
tak boring2x asyik layan je, kekeke..

Sekarang ni mira tengah sibuk mengait for 2nd event..
opps!! mira tak akan bagitau buat masa ni..nanti tau >,<
sambil-sambil tu nak buat GA lah..(entah ada yang mau join or tak??)

okaylah sampai sini je entry mira..nanti update lagi
wait for my GA tau !!

p/s : nak mengait dan mengait lagi..see yaaaa !!

Giveaway "I Love Peplum" by Nurin Aireen

wanna join a lot of segmen and giveaway..
when i got the chance :)
lets join this GA together ~

Stitch inspired

heyya guys !! hiw are you ??
its been a while since my last post eh..

if you wanna see my new amigurumi just look at my instagram..
take time to post it here..

i make a stitch amigurumi..hehe

Ramadhan will come soon, err 1 day to go right ??
are you ready ? :)
i can't wait for Ramadhan ~

just a short entry from me..
contact me here ya if you wanna order any dolls or custom dolls

LINE : miragikwang
WeChat : miragikwang
Instagram : mirakagimoto

Facebook : Izumi Shop (amigurumi)

Search for a LUCKY WINNER

source : weheartit

ooh, i keep updating using the same title..meh~ nevermind lah :)
how are you guys ??
actually i wanna ask, do you really want the kpop dolls or not..
i'm sorry, but its already 4th July and i'll not accept any details..
i'll search other winner or maybe a LUCKY WINNER ?? still not decide it >,<

aah, i just post to one of the winner..
she already received it, and i'm so happy !!
Onew inspired amigurumi already found the owner ~

i can't share the photo because my mobile doesn't have that photo ><
you can look at my instagram : mirakagimoto

who is this?? :)

by the way, i'll make a promotion..
buy rm40 and above , FREE POSTAGE :)

twitter : @mirakagimoto
facebook : Izumi Shop (amigurumi)
instagram : mirakagimoto
LINE : miragikwang

Bias Amigurumi :)

hello !! how are you ?? :)
Giveaway : DONE
hehe, i'll stop make a GA for awhile...
want to focus on other amigurumi project , weee~

i'm totally in love with kpop music..
especially BOY groups (me pervert LOL)
i listen to all of them, but right now i still got no time to make my own amigurumi...
especially my lovely oppa, GK >///<

already sent the gift to the one of the winner..
until 3rd July, if i didn't got winners details..i will make another GA at Facebook only :)

do you love kpop ? what group??
do share, mana lah tau tiba2 ade lucky winner yang akan mira pick jadi winner..
lagi-lagi if ade loyal readers, kekekeke....

guess3x...where's my lovely awesome oppa...
hahahah xDDD

everytime i look at his photos..
my heart pops out >///<

July has come, and i'm super waiting for the comeback 
money also fly away laa.. >,<

lemme share all the kpop amigurumi that already been done by me
i'll not upload the GA dolls yet :)

Oh My Hazy Giveaway talk about :)

Heyya how are you guys..
the haze nowadays keep getting worse day by day..
i hope you guys don't forget to wear a disposal mask , especially at my place Port Dickson ~

old photos , kekeke >,<

i would like to say thank you for joining my giveaway, even though only 2 contestant..
right i'm totally a busy bee..haha, orders, gift for GA, my 2nd mission..

ngeh3x, i keep asking myself.."y no people wanna join my ga"
you not a kpop lovers ? or you are so shy ??
omo~ no need to be shy my lovely readers/followers..

maybe i'll make a GA at FB after this , tee hee but not now of course..
okay , lets focus on the entry..
actually, mira nak bagi hadiah dekat sape2 je yang join, but yang join 2 orang je..
so i'll give the present to both of the cuties..
one is a shawol, and the other one is V.I.P (^__^)

Nisha - GA
Nad - GA

My most favorite group is Beast !!

can you guess my lovely bias ?? haha
i'm super duper love him, the eye smile he make..always making my heart pops out..
kekekeke xDDD

okay for the winners, do send me..all the details at my facebook : Mira Kagimoto (message of course)
Name :
Address :
Hp No. :

thank you !!!

Mira's Kpop GIVEAWAY

another giveaway by me, but the closing date won't take a long time :)
i'll post the GA rules in ENGLISH and MALAY..

15 JUNE -END (edited)

Rules :
>>Must be a follower of my blog "Miss Rainbow"

>>Like my page : IZUMI SHOP (amigurumi)

>>Make an entry about "MIRA'S KPOP GIVEAWAY"

>>Please include you favorite kpop artist, and if your artist happen to be a group/band please pick only one which is your ultimate bias :)

>>Do tell me WHY you like he/she

>>Put the banner and link it to my blog

>>Finish? Leave your link at this entry comment 

>>Don't forget to include how i can i contact you if you win ~

In Malay (for those who don't understand)

>>Follower blog mira "Miss Rainbow"

>>Like page mira : IZUMI SHOP (amigurumi)

>>Sila sertakan gambar artis kpop favorite korang, if kumpulan sila pastikan korang pick 1  je ahli kumpulan tu, maksudnye yang paling korang minat :)

>>Beritahu kenapa korang korang suke artis tu

>>Letakkan banner and link kan ke blog mira

>>Siap? Tinggalkan link korang dekat entry ni

>>Jangan lupa sertakan macam mana mira nak contact if korang menang ~

free to tag anybody and you can also promote the giveaway~

The prize is an amigurumi of your bias ^3^/
do join yaaaa !!! ^__^

if you don't understand just pm me at izumi shop page :)
you can look at this blogger entry as example ~

What do you think about another GIVEAWAY ?

Hello bloggers , how are you ?? i hope all of you are doing really fine :)
just posted the gift yesterday, huhu sorry because i took a lot of time for posting it >,<
too busy and got a really short time , but finally i posted it..
please don't talk bad about me if i post out anything late, sometime i really don't have enough time.. :(

i got 2 projects in my mind, i want to accomplished it..
1 by 1 of course..
i wanna make a giveaway once more this year, would you join it??
please join yaa..hahaha

the other project still a secret , been planning this event for such a long time..
i hope it will success !! good luck mira-chan :)

thanks also for ordering craft with me, promoted my shop..
thank you so much !! appreciate it so much ~
i love you guys so muchhhh , daisuki >///<v

short update from me ..

do comment yaa :)

for any order just contact me her..
facebook page : izumi shop amigurumi)
LINE id : miragikwang 
WeChat : miragikwang

Random talk about the Izumi Shop owner

heyya guys, whats up??
i hope you guys have a great day yaa
lately I've been thinking about new project of amigurumi, but i still don't got enough time to make it..

i wanna get to know you guys..do you have wechat? LINE ?
especially girls who love amigurumi, craft..and KPOP >///<

WeChat : miragikwang
LINE : miragikwang

before anyone asking me "do you have whatsapp ?"
the answer is "NO"

to all my lovely customers,thanks for ordering craft from me :)
lemme introduce my self.. :)

Mira or you can call me Miya, Mii-chan
will turn 22 years old on 28th NOVEMBER this year (2013) :)
i love my idols so much, haha yeah i'm addicted to music and craft..
beside amigurumi stuff you can talk about kpop/jpop with me..
mana tau kite boleh tengok concert sama2 ^^
i hate to tell where i live but well it doesn't matter anymore..currently stayed at Port Dickson..

you can just ask me if you got any question..
i think that's all, will update more soon..
bye !!!

do like my shop page yaa :)

IZUMI SHOP (amigurumi)

LINE Emoticons Inspired :)

Hello !! well i keep updating more and more right ? hehe..
so , you guys won't forget about me :)

do you love cute dolls?
i  love it so damn much !! especially japanese items..

oh well,lately i'm too much into LINE..
so i make 3 emoticons of LINE..


LINE id : miragikwang

hideous but i'll try make it better >,<
practice make perfect ne ~ fighting !! :3

L (INFINITE) inspired dolls

Heyya ~
for your information, i'm still accepting orders right now.. :)
so just place your orders friends..

i hope i can write an entry per day about my dolls..
but time are too jealous with me, huhu ToT
if i don't update anything here..you can check out my page, tumblr or weheartit for my latest dolls..

too much too write, haha..
actually i just finished my latest amigurumi..
project : idols :)

this time i make L from infinite..any inspirit here??
i'm woonique !! hehe..

right now i just make 1 member in each group..
after this gonna make hyuna (4minute)

if you wanna place an orders of a kpop/jpop band..just send me the picture of your idols ~
Idols indivual/band :
MV :

okay enough chit chat, i wanna type more but i got no idea actually..haha!
lemme just share photos with you ne :)

in process

and the result :

doesn't look alike LOL, as long as inspirit knows the outfit
it's good to me ^^

if you wanna order any custom dolls ,just contact me ya ~

LINE : miragikwang
WeChat : miragikwang
BB pin : 237054DC

Couple & K-pop Inspired Amigurumi :)

keep thinking about cute stuff right now >,<
credit : weheartit

Hello minna !! wow its been a while since my last entry..
i'm super busy , and that's why i didn't have enough time to type an entry..
gosh , i think my GA not satisfied me..the way i handle it :(

Lots of girls out there really love couple things , right?
i mean like teddy bear couple, but i never make bear yet..YET, you know what i mean right ><
so i just make a cute boy & girl..
i think the dolls will be in my shop very soon..just wait yaaa :)

i'll upload the kpop idols inspired dolls & couple things in one new album :)
do visit my shop : Izumi Shop (amigurumi)

i wanna create new dolls, but i don't have any idea -__-
dear cuties , do you guys have the ideas ? do SHARE with me ya..
sharing is caring..

okay, lets look at my handmade dolls ><

(if you buy pair, u'll get free ami heart)

already make the T.O.P (runningman ver)
now its time for orange caramel :)

contact me here:

LINE : miragikwang
WeChat : miragikwang
BB pin : 237054DC

maybe you can't reach me via izumi page, you can search me at above contacts :)
see yaaa !!!

Amigurumi #1

back to amigurumi #1..
haha actually i don't remember how much amigurumi # i already updated. ><

sorry for not updating , forgot meyh.. ;p
just wanna share photos of amigurumi made by me ~


lepas ni if nak order boleh je contact mira dekat hp 

LINE : miragikwang
WeChat : miragikwang

bb pin miras lupe laa, hehe

see you soon on my next update ~

Winner of Mira's Giveaway

Omo ~ sorry because i totally forgot about the date..huhu, sorry yaaa.
i already read all the contestants...
okay jom announce the winner :)

>>  dunianuranisamar.blogspot.com
 (i like all the words, kinda great) :)

okay nak pergi email dia lah, hope check it out ya ^^

yang tak menang jangan sedih2, i'll make other GA next time..
maybe 2-3 winners ? hehe..

T.O.P (bigbang) inspired dolls , its kpop time ~

Trololo since i was sick (eye problem), don't got time to type anything here..
i'm sorry guys T.T

almost forgot , anyone care to join my GA, only a few days left :)
"Thanks a LOT" for joining my GA, really appreciate it, tee hee..
i read all the blogs, some of you really got a great & creative sepatah dua kata,hehe..

right now, just preparing the gift for my mini GA and orders for batch 4 :)
also busy trying new style of dolls..my latest project gitulah..hehehe

Amigurumi Project : KPOP/JPOP Idols amigurumi

can you give me any cadangan, waht dolls should i make?
what is your favorite kpop idols? sharelah :)
boleh mira try kait..tak pon artist hollywood, bollywood..hehe artist malaysia pon boleh :)
just tell me ;
Artist name :
MV tittle :

korang minat infinite , exo, lee min ho , snsd, big bang or maybe other idols..
do share yaa ^^

Requested by Noora unnie
T.O.P (running man outfit version)

here's another snap,hehe :)

thank goodness, she love it..i put a lot of effort for making it :)
will update more later, just stay tuned ~

Boys & Girls, you can easily contact me here 

Twitter : @mirakagimoto (we can talk about anything you don't understand about amigurumi) ^^
Email : miss91stargazer@gmail.com (especially for those who doesn't have FB/Twitter)

especially for online shop yang jual kpop unofficial item bolehlah beli borong dari mira
of course i'll give a special price :)

bye !!

Mira's Mini Giveaway

Tadaaa !! for my customer and followers !! MINI GIVEAWAY !! ><

start on 26/03/2013 - 30/04/2013
(update !! the date,hehe)

Follow this rules 
Follower of my blog "Miss Rainbow"
Like this page : IZUMI SHOP 
Make an entry about "Mira's Mini Giveaway"
   -make a few words-
Put the banner and link it to my blog 
Finish? leave your link at this entry comment 
Don't forget to include on how can i contact you if you win it

Okay some of you maybe don't quite understand the rules so i post it back in BM

Peraturan :
Follow blog "Miss Rainbow"
Like page ni : IZUMI SHOP
Buat entry tentang "Mira's Mini Giveaway"
  -buat sepatah dua kata ye-
Letak banner dekat atas and linkkan ke blog Mira
Siap? tinggakan link entry giveaway korang dekat entry ni.
Sertakan cara mira nak contact if korang menang..(senangkan??)

The winner will be choose by me , so jangan lupa wat sepatah dua kata ye :)
only 1 winner ya !! sebab mini GA je..
nanti if ada masa mira wat GA besar-besaran ^^

PRIZE : Amigurumi Dolls..will not reveal the dolls yet :)

all update only on Izumi Shop FB page..
thanks :)

Amigurumi Reminder and Problems

Heyya !! i'm trying to update more often..
so bloggers will remember my amigurumi, tee hee..

okay, 1st of all i'm sooo tired due to wat happened today..
i post a box of dolls for my brother's gf..
she and her friends orders together so easier for me to post it out..
and then pihak HEP tahan sebab ingat those things for sells..
walhal dorang tak ada langsung hak nak open the box, privacy for student..
so pihak HEP tahan box tu, entah-entah dia nak ambil jual or bagi anak-anak dia..
sebelum ni tak ada pun orang nak tahan barang-barang kecantikan yang sampai dekat Universiti/Kolej..

just a box of dolls..

if they still don't wanna give it, i'll surely go there and take it or make a complaint..
i don't wanna say that Uni/College name, but i think you can guess it..

it's not a drugs !! just dolls !! that kinda make me mad..
adik-adik tu habis duit tempah untuk family, boyfriends, or friends..
sedap-sedap je diorang tahan..

just a small reminder from me :

If you wanna orders, just make sure nak bagi address rumah ataupun U/Kolej..
tapi kena siasat dulu perangai pihak-pihak hep tempat study korang..
nanti masalah macam ni timbul pulakk..

pihak posmen lepaskan box tu sebab dorang dah check so yang pihak HEP nak check tu drugs or alcohol why??

urrgghhh really mad when typing this post..THE END

still opening orders for Batch 4

contact me via :
twitter : @mirakagimoto
email : miss91stargazer@gmail.com

Pou Game Inspired and Little Conversation

Good day friends :)
hope you guys have a great Sunday, although the weather is too hot for me to resist..
wanna go out after this, buying some craft materials..(mine already out of stock LOL)

Just wanna make some announcement , after this my blog will update only about my amigurumi stuff, craft materials..
no more magazine, makeup stuff.. ><
more too business blog, i think..hehe


Most of android user must have known this game..
kawaii pou, that we take care like a little baby..haha!
my brother's girlfriend request me to make 2 pou cat..
at first i was like.. "err..can i make it"
and later i said to myself.."uhh let's give a try"

before i shared my pou amigurumi, let's see what is pou game actually..

you can download it at GOOGLE PLAY

tadaa !!
my latest pattern (i think,hehe)
what do you think ??


Last topic, haha about the header..it's totally cute right?
thanks to Luqman Hakim for making the header..
hontou ni kawaii >,<

arigato ne ~

by the way, orders for batch 4 is opening now..
place your orders before its too late :)
if rasa rugi order sebab postage, senang je cara dia..
ajak kawan-kawan lain beli sekali if lebih 10 dolls mira bagi FREE POSTAGE :)


contact me via 

Twitter : @mirakagimoto
Email : miss91stargazer@gmail.com

Amigurumi Orders : 1st, 2nd and 3rd Batch

Hey guys !! it's been awhile ne~ since my last update..
too busy i think..

how are you guys? i hope you guys are doing great.. :)
after this, i wanna be more active in amigurumi world..
gonna make a GA soon but maybe not this monthlah, i hope you guys setia menanti..hehe

i just finish all the orders..
let me share the photos..

1st batch :

2nd batch :

3rd batch :

later, i will share a new dolls in my shop..
stay tuned ya !!

Attention !
sekarang tengah buka orders untuk Batch 4
hurry up place your orders :)

contact me via :

Twitter : @mirakagimoto
Email : miss91stargazer@gmail.com

Contact Me !

just a short update about my contact..
for those who don't have any facebook/twitter acc..
you can just email me via miss91stargazer[at]gmail.com..

thank you :)

amigurumi post #4 - orders

Hey guys !! it's been a while since my last post..
i have neglected my blog because of too many orders from my brother friends :)

For Hari Keusahawanan at Matriks Kuala Pilah, my brother had orders 50 ++ dolls from me..
and i really hope all the dolls will be love by the students..especially female students, hehe

A few days ago my brother text me and he said that my dolls sold like a hot cakes..
haha, i'm so happy and really grateful.. alhamdulilah.

i make a few type of dolls for brother to sell..

> rilakkuma
> korilakkuma
> onigiri (girl)
> onigiri (boy
> rainbow bears
> rila & kori in a mushroom costume
> love-chan (mini size)

let me share the photos with you guys ^^

i'm so tired, but managed to finish it..

p/s : u guys can also make orders at my shop page IZUMI SHOP (amigurumi)

can anyone edit my blog? nak edit full blog, tapi tak jadi kot..
just nak mintak create kan kawaii header, and i'm gonna give you free dolls :)

just text me ya via my fb page ~

amigurumi post #3

Hey, how are you guys ? :)

it's has been a while since i last updated my blog ne..
busy is my best friend right now..
i don't even have time to sleep 24 hours like always, haha..

i think i had a great start for 2013 !! i received a lot of orders, alhamdulilah :)
suddenly i became an English tutor (even though my English are not so good)
but hey its an opportunity that i must grab.. >,<

i'm so happy with my life ,
walaupun banyak cabaran , life must go on right, friends? :)

i'm so damn sorry because sometime i update using bahasa melayu and sometime using english..
well, it's depends on my mood actually..hahaha xDDD

gonna post some pictures orders from Matriks Kuala Pilah students..

korilakkuma in bunny suit (assorted colors)
rainbow bears (assorted colors)
takochuu (assorted colors)

rainbow bears
they really love this bear >3<

korilakkuma in bunny suit :3

Onigiri (couple)
i love crochet it,
i can make 10 onigiri in 1 day,hehe

Later i'll make a post about the change of rilakkuma yarn colors..
people don't want to buy the dark chocolate rilakkuma, so change the colors..
i'm gonna post the picture when i have finish the ami-chan project ~

so stay tuned !

LIKE & ORDERS : Izumi Shop (amigurumi)

p/s: anyone know where can i order BISNES CARD? (kalau boleh harga biarlah berpatutan)

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥