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Oh My Hazy Giveaway talk about :)

Heyya how are you guys..
the haze nowadays keep getting worse day by day..
i hope you guys don't forget to wear a disposal mask , especially at my place Port Dickson ~

old photos , kekeke >,<

i would like to say thank you for joining my giveaway, even though only 2 contestant..
right i'm totally a busy bee..haha, orders, gift for GA, my 2nd mission..

ngeh3x, i keep asking myself.."y no people wanna join my ga"
you not a kpop lovers ? or you are so shy ??
omo~ no need to be shy my lovely readers/followers..

maybe i'll make a GA at FB after this , tee hee but not now of course..
okay , lets focus on the entry..
actually, mira nak bagi hadiah dekat sape2 je yang join, but yang join 2 orang je..
so i'll give the present to both of the cuties..
one is a shawol, and the other one is V.I.P (^__^)

Nisha - GA
Nad - GA

My most favorite group is Beast !!

can you guess my lovely bias ?? haha
i'm super duper love him, the eye smile he make..always making my heart pops out..
kekekeke xDDD

okay for the winners, do send me..all the details at my facebook : Mira Kagimoto (message of course)
Name :
Address :
Hp No. :

thank you !!!

Mira's Kpop GIVEAWAY

another giveaway by me, but the closing date won't take a long time :)
i'll post the GA rules in ENGLISH and MALAY..

15 JUNE -END (edited)

Rules :
>>Must be a follower of my blog "Miss Rainbow"

>>Like my page : IZUMI SHOP (amigurumi)

>>Make an entry about "MIRA'S KPOP GIVEAWAY"

>>Please include you favorite kpop artist, and if your artist happen to be a group/band please pick only one which is your ultimate bias :)

>>Do tell me WHY you like he/she

>>Put the banner and link it to my blog

>>Finish? Leave your link at this entry comment 

>>Don't forget to include how i can i contact you if you win ~

In Malay (for those who don't understand)

>>Follower blog mira "Miss Rainbow"

>>Like page mira : IZUMI SHOP (amigurumi)

>>Sila sertakan gambar artis kpop favorite korang, if kumpulan sila pastikan korang pick 1  je ahli kumpulan tu, maksudnye yang paling korang minat :)

>>Beritahu kenapa korang korang suke artis tu

>>Letakkan banner and link kan ke blog mira

>>Siap? Tinggalkan link korang dekat entry ni

>>Jangan lupa sertakan macam mana mira nak contact if korang menang ~

free to tag anybody and you can also promote the giveaway~

The prize is an amigurumi of your bias ^3^/
do join yaaaa !!! ^__^

if you don't understand just pm me at izumi shop page :)
you can look at this blogger entry as example ~

What do you think about another GIVEAWAY ?

Hello bloggers , how are you ?? i hope all of you are doing really fine :)
just posted the gift yesterday, huhu sorry because i took a lot of time for posting it >,<
too busy and got a really short time , but finally i posted it..
please don't talk bad about me if i post out anything late, sometime i really don't have enough time.. :(

i got 2 projects in my mind, i want to accomplished it..
1 by 1 of course..
i wanna make a giveaway once more this year, would you join it??
please join yaa..hahaha

the other project still a secret , been planning this event for such a long time..
i hope it will success !! good luck mira-chan :)

thanks also for ordering craft with me, promoted my shop..
thank you so much !! appreciate it so much ~
i love you guys so muchhhh , daisuki >///<v

short update from me ..

do comment yaa :)

for any order just contact me her..
facebook page : izumi shop amigurumi)
LINE id : miragikwang 
WeChat : miragikwang

Random talk about the Izumi Shop owner

heyya guys, whats up??
i hope you guys have a great day yaa
lately I've been thinking about new project of amigurumi, but i still don't got enough time to make it..

i wanna get to know you guys..do you have wechat? LINE ?
especially girls who love amigurumi, craft..and KPOP >///<

WeChat : miragikwang
LINE : miragikwang

before anyone asking me "do you have whatsapp ?"
the answer is "NO"

to all my lovely customers,thanks for ordering craft from me :)
lemme introduce my self.. :)

Mira or you can call me Miya, Mii-chan
will turn 22 years old on 28th NOVEMBER this year (2013) :)
i love my idols so much, haha yeah i'm addicted to music and craft..
beside amigurumi stuff you can talk about kpop/jpop with me..
mana tau kite boleh tengok concert sama2 ^^
i hate to tell where i live but well it doesn't matter anymore..currently stayed at Port Dickson..

you can just ask me if you got any question..
i think that's all, will update more soon..
bye !!!

do like my shop page yaa :)

IZUMI SHOP (amigurumi)

LINE Emoticons Inspired :)

Hello !! well i keep updating more and more right ? hehe..
so , you guys won't forget about me :)

do you love cute dolls?
i  love it so damn much !! especially japanese items..

oh well,lately i'm too much into LINE..
so i make 3 emoticons of LINE..


LINE id : miragikwang

hideous but i'll try make it better >,<
practice make perfect ne ~ fighting !! :3

L (INFINITE) inspired dolls

Heyya ~
for your information, i'm still accepting orders right now.. :)
so just place your orders friends..

i hope i can write an entry per day about my dolls..
but time are too jealous with me, huhu ToT
if i don't update anything here..you can check out my page, tumblr or weheartit for my latest dolls..

too much too write, haha..
actually i just finished my latest amigurumi..
project : idols :)

this time i make L from infinite..any inspirit here??
i'm woonique !! hehe..

right now i just make 1 member in each group..
after this gonna make hyuna (4minute)

if you wanna place an orders of a kpop/jpop band..just send me the picture of your idols ~
Idols indivual/band :
MV :

okay enough chit chat, i wanna type more but i got no idea actually..haha!
lemme just share photos with you ne :)

in process

and the result :

doesn't look alike LOL, as long as inspirit knows the outfit
it's good to me ^^

if you wanna order any custom dolls ,just contact me ya ~

LINE : miragikwang
WeChat : miragikwang
BB pin : 237054DC
Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥