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Random talk about the Izumi Shop owner

heyya guys, whats up??
i hope you guys have a great day yaa
lately I've been thinking about new project of amigurumi, but i still don't got enough time to make it..

i wanna get to know you guys..do you have wechat? LINE ?
especially girls who love amigurumi, craft..and KPOP >///<

WeChat : miragikwang
LINE : miragikwang

before anyone asking me "do you have whatsapp ?"
the answer is "NO"

to all my lovely customers,thanks for ordering craft from me :)
lemme introduce my self.. :)

Mira or you can call me Miya, Mii-chan
will turn 22 years old on 28th NOVEMBER this year (2013) :)
i love my idols so much, haha yeah i'm addicted to music and craft..
beside amigurumi stuff you can talk about kpop/jpop with me..
mana tau kite boleh tengok concert sama2 ^^
i hate to tell where i live but well it doesn't matter anymore..currently stayed at Port Dickson..

you can just ask me if you got any question..
i think that's all, will update more soon..
bye !!!

do like my shop page yaa :)

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