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Scawaii magazine ^^

Oyasuminasai !!
its been a long time i didn't wrote anything
too much busy !!! tired !!

So today entry is about SCAWAII magazine that i bought few days ago
really cute and the price is very murah M6.90

up to date fashion of japanese girls ^^
sebelum ni i just bought popteen, cawaii and vivi
now scawaii :)

scawaii with LJ on the cover
simple cover right ^^

 shoes lovers ^^
comel-comel tau !!

 90s style
unique and simple

 make-up tutorials
great sebab bahasa melayu ^^
sebelum ni bace bahasa jepun je  ^^

dekorasi kepala
seswai for gadis-gadis yg suka kelainan ^w^

must buy magazine

Its hard !!

Selamat malam ye ^-^
Dir en Grey released DIFFERENT SENSE  today !
have you guys hear it ??

oh off topic !
must be tertanya-tanya about my entry title right ? :)
nothing important just wanna told you how 'not easy' it is =>

but i still practice until got the rhythm ^^
see you soon !!

p/s : post yang not very interesting,don't you think? ^o^

Monkey! don't take away my food !!

hello guys !
i'm not feeling very well yet
so just short entry of the day :)

My sister, Ai-chan just bought roti gardenia 
and time tu pintu dapur my mummy bukak
so tak perasan la, roti gardenia tu terbiar camtu kt dapur -_-'

sungguh enak di makan begitu saje~

while surfing the internet we heard something from the dapur
and this conversation start :

sister : miya, cube ko jenguk kat dapur tu ade pape ke ?
me : (pergi dapur dengan lenggang-lengguk) ade monyet la kat luar.
sister : roti ade lagi tak ?!
me : OMG!! monyet tu amek !
sister : NO !!! dah la tu for tomorrow breakfast T^T
me : eh tengok2, mee kering pun monyet tu tibai !

i thought the monkey just took the roti
rupa-rupanya mee kering pun dia amik
roti gardenia mahal woo RM 3.15

haish bukan rezeki den =,=

Lesson : don't put our food macam tu je law dah taw belakang rumah ada monyet ^^
nanti jadi macam miya

Attention My Bloggie Friends !!

Good day ^^
i'll rarely update my blog after this..
because i can't stay to long in front of the computer 
or it will make me sick for jangka mase panjang
so sad T_T

i hate pills =,=

computer = headache
bad headache !!

hope i'll get better soon 
please do not UN-FOLLOW me 
i love you my friends !!


join this segmen by minah blur

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Miya tag awak ye !!

done ! ^o^/

Art baru from Miya-chan !

Hello guys
i think its been 2 days in didn.t wrote anything =,=
nothing much story to tell.

Okay! do you love conteng2/lukis-lukis ?
I always love lukis-lukis since tadika.
oh well, mase tu pergi tadika cukup seminggu mesti mintak upah

Me : Mak ! miya nak magic color dengan buku tulis ^^
Mak : Okay, kejap lagi mak beli.

Back from tadika, my mom already buy it for me :)
He, he sampai sekarang i'm still like that but  the thing i buy was different
Buku tulis = Sketh pad
Magic color = Mechanical pencil

My drawing ^^
i draw it 3 days ago
thanks for people who like this picture
also thanks for supportive comments on facebook ^^



hehe, i join a lot of segmen from abg ben


Yuyu Zulaikha : i love her pinky blog and her simple entry :)
Alice-Chan : talented make-up guru.i adored her so much.best tutorials ever !
Edohsama : up to date info about j-rock music (japan rock music)..really a great blog ^^
Maria Elena : sempoi blog..ayat2 maria semua slumber..love it ! :)
Nurul Badiah : because she's so cute !! hehe.. ^^



Join this GIVEAWAY !!

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Tarikh Tutup : 17 JUNE 2011
Jam : 8:00 Malam


Yeah! found the tutorial !

Already 11:58 right now ;)
just finished cooking fish kicap + fried kacang buncis
simple right ?? ^^,

Last night punye cerita :
i'm learning how to mengait right now.
my mummy teach me but sgt2 susah sebab die right handed and me left handed (minah kidal)
So with the help of the internet i found this tutorials for left handed ^w^/

gambar hiasan

Finally i can learn it easily :)
right now i'm learning left hand half double crochet :)

For left handed who wanna learn how to knit
go here : CROCHET GEEK
dont worry for right handed pon ade :)

i wanna make amigurumi doll
learning is the key :)
(i do not this picture just sharing)

Gambatte miya-san !!
Practice make Perfect ^^

Early Preparation for Hari Raya

Hello guys..
puasa pon belom da cuci my mate for raya ^^
early preparation okay !!
But sadly i don't by any clothes -_-"

I just look-look ^-^
Mane nak beli ni ??
Mari-mari beli !!
standard price RM50 

Masa kecik2 dulu, i still remembered kain sepasang only rm20-30..
Now, RM50 (so expensive for someone stingy like me) -_-'
This year i think wanna buy kain cotton with bunga-bunga kecil
What do you think ? ^^
kawaii ne ^o^/
harga pon okay la ! :)

i don't buy anything pon -_-"
My mummy yg beli..lalala
but i will no upload the picture 



Hello everybody !!
this blog was made by me and its all about my personal life :)
okay lah its more to my favorite music ^w^
btw, recipes pun ade but jrg post d'entry ^-^

Okay for those yang singgah kt my blog
thanks !
i'll go cuci mate at ur blog
make sure to leave your link okay ^^

p/s : sorry ayat tunggang langgang =)


Oyasumi ^^
Nothing much to say but must keep update ! ;)
I love to share pictures with anyone all over the world ^^
There's a big poster of lead in cast prix zero magazine ^^
Here => feel free to take the picture :)
p/s : i make this picture in the medium size.
if u want the original size take it on my facebook 

Love Lead Love Akira :)


Akira Kagimoto is my boyfiee !

I know you think i'm a very 'gedik' girl when i'm post that title
and of course i don't care. ^^

Because i'm really a big fan of akira kagimoto :)
i start to like him since 2005..
He's really cute with that dracula tooth
Kawaii ne.. ^^

Because of my love to him is so deep and fanatic, i decided to make a fanpage for him at facebook
like it if you're akira fans ^^
For those who donno who is akira a.k.a my boyfiee..
here is he :)
akira kagimoto LEAD

with Hiroki-kun..he's the one who wearing black sexy single XD

casual akira

i'm a big fan so what ?
don't critics any of my favorite artist
thanks ^^



join this segmen by Ben Ashaari

Based on that picture..the traffic is busy so everyone must "sabo je la"
and no potong-potong line :)
On your lappy while the trafic is busy ^^
Hat-hati selalu ya !!

oh sorry ayat tunggang langgang

Sexy art !

heyya everybody !
i'm really sorry for those who wanna can't comment me yesterday
I forgot to enable the comment..
Gomen :)

Okay, this illustrator are really talented person.
Do you know who ?
go here to know more about him ^^
shunya yamashita

I was in love at the first sight at his arts :)
shunya yamashita art

sexy but full of art
i wish i'll be talented like him

end of babbling !



join this segmen by ben ashaari
any critics ?? ^o^/

Alice Nine Individual Look

Kyaa !! (scream at the top of my lung)
finally Alice Nine invidual look for BLUE FLAME 
omg !! i really love them so much ^3^


love the pictures !!


Just A Simple Giveaway By Areef

Sorry i don't know how to backlink the picture :p

i've been invited by Areef 
so i just join this give away



ViViD new LOOK !!

Good morning minasan !!
i had a great sleep last night and woke up early today ^w^/

OMG! my lovely ViViD already got a new look ^-^
The BLUE single not yet come out but they already have the new look..

Here take a look at this =>

My lovely Shin is always perfect to me 
Kawaii Ivy
Smart Ryoga
Sexy always, Reno
Babyface Koki
Right now, i'm waiting for their BLUE full pv ^^
oh ya, before i forgot, ViViD will be going to Singapore on 26 NOVEMBER 2011 on sundown festival.
check it out at sundown festival facebook ^^
oh man, why not on 28 NOVEMBER (my birthday) :)

all source i got from edohsama


Wedding+Fun plus kulit kurap

still feel tired from yesterday -_-'
but i had so much fun with family and my sweet bestie ^^
Back to 4 JUNE 2011, i went to felda redong (pak andak house)
for my cousin wedding.

Here some picture i upload while we were on journey to the west..oh sorry i mean journey to felda redong ;)

with my bestie! in the car

at perhentian ape ntah :p

already sampai!!
my fat pose beside the souvenir ^^

Elyn bored face ^w^

Ai-chan who love to snap picture <3

candid !!

After dah kebas punggung duduk kt dalam umah..we went out..took some fresh air..
Really bored duduk kt khemah for 3 hours !!
Sleepy + Nak balik :D

bored face ^o^/

afterthat, ai-chan, elyn and me went to the car
we slept for a couple of minutes..
yeah kenduri dah habes !!

We slept there,
i took some picture of the pelamin
sorry forgot the picture of pengantin =)
 bunga telor masin 
love it

pinku pelamin

Not to forgot,
i had gatal-gatal that night "abis badan macam kurap"
i had been bite by semut terbang.ughhh still felt bisa-bisa

Tadaa i'm back to normal no kurap2 anymore ^^
Happy face nak balik dah ni :)

girls on the block
muke suke nk balik

End of my babbling,
sorry bad english


Chocolatey Cupcake

4:00p.m, Friday
backache!! :(
just finished baking some cupcake ^w^

Really simple recipe that i wanna share with you
i got it from omputih blog..actually it is DOMOKUN cupcake but xdecorate die 'malas!!'
Okay lets start :

Ingredients :
2 stick of butter (make sure lembut tau)
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
2-1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup chocolate milk

preheat your oven 350 degrees

Start ! (resepi taip in malay ^^)
Mula-mula kacau butter dengan gula sampai gebuss gitu..
Lepas tu, masukkan telur satu per satu..
(dah siap sume letak tepi)

Okay sekarang lam mangkuk lain campurkan tepung, bakind soda, coco, garam
(letak tepi)

Make sure sediakan secawan chocolate milk(leh pakai susu pape je..cam miyah gune susu coklat anlene ^^)

Last sekali,
Masukkan campuran tepung tadi berselang-seli dengan chocolate milk dalam campuran butter td
Kacau sampai well blend :)

spoon it lam korang punye cawan cupcake
Bakar 20+ minit depend on your oven la ye ^-^

Siap !
i call it GiraGira Chocolate Cupcake ^^

Thank for reading and i hope you try this ! Btw sorry for my kata2 yang tunggang langgang ni


short entry from miya-chan

Minasan !!
just short entry from me ^^
wish u have a great day guys !!

for be my follower
hope you don't un-follow me -_-'

i'll not be update any post for 2-3 days
i'll be going to segamat for 'kenduri kawin' at my pak andak house
gerenti la xonline kan :(

okay,keep on following me yaa !!
muahhxxx ^o^/

gambar yg tiada kaitan untuk tontonan umum ^^


My story about BOTAK

Happy holiday for anyone that 'cuti-cuti malaysia' right now ^^
everyday is holiday for me..hehe..

really no idea right now..but i miss my blog so much ^w^
so i decided to post this simple entry

You must been thinking
who's botak?
org botak ke? or 
what's botak, right??

Hehe, actually botak is my cat
white fat and aktif botak.. ^^
Kawaii name right ?

I found botak at shopping mall : the store kt port dickson je ;)
that time, he looking at me stupidly..
i told ai-chan : mummy will love it <3
so end of story i pick him up..oh that time he's so bau-bau (u know what i mean right?) -_-'

Botak already big right now and full of kutu !! haha
my mummy love him so much ^-^ <= she's the cat lover
Botak was very liltle that time :)

and now >>
this picture was taken 4 days ago ^^

Somtimes we just call him 'BOT' short for botak because :
'Nanti panggil2 orang lain lak trase..eheh'

end of story


Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥