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ViViD new LOOK !!

Good morning minasan !!
i had a great sleep last night and woke up early today ^w^/

OMG! my lovely ViViD already got a new look ^-^
The BLUE single not yet come out but they already have the new look..

Here take a look at this =>

My lovely Shin is always perfect to me 
Kawaii Ivy
Smart Ryoga
Sexy always, Reno
Babyface Koki
Right now, i'm waiting for their BLUE full pv ^^
oh ya, before i forgot, ViViD will be going to Singapore on 26 NOVEMBER 2011 on sundown festival.
check it out at sundown festival facebook ^^
oh man, why not on 28 NOVEMBER (my birthday) :)

all source i got from edohsama


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