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Contest Best Photo of Me by Yqnq Ellyana

Minasan kon'nichiwa !!
already had your dinner ?
me ? i'm dieting today ^^

This is my 2nd time joining any contest

contest owner ^^

my gambar yg pling mnarik :)
in this picture, i'm wearing shawl like hana tajima but lil bit different.
my eyes are blue (which mean palsu,hehe)
thats my story about that picture of mine ^^

i'm tagging 3 bloggers =>

more info just click here contest best photo of me by Yqnq Ellyana


Old time collection

Minna-san !!
already 1:41 p.m and i'm just finished cooking ^^
today menu is miya tom yam ! sound delicious right ? ^-^

Oh yeah, yesterday while i'm cleaning up my room i found my old time colloection..
its been along time -_-'

i love collecting things 
siti nurhaliza postcard by HYPE magazine
paper purse that i buy from kedai runcit its just RM 1
SHREK and FIONA free gift from cornflakes
my sweet niece YUNA (that time she's only 1 years old)

what's your old time collection ?? ^w^/


cute souvenir

hey guys..
how are u ? ^^
short entry today !! about cute souvenir that always been given during wedding days ;)
hehehe..yesterday i went to the 'kenduri kawen' and i got this cute souvenir..
wait for me to uploading it
cute isn't ^w^

there's sweet in there but before i snap the picture..i already ate that sweet 
gomen ^^
so i just put my minyak cap kapak in there 

p/s : i feel like my english are not so good :(
try to improve it


Contest Baby Face by Daty Syufai

Oyasumi minna-san ^^
this is my 1st time joining the contest !!

this is the cute owner of that contest ^^


Baby face ? me? no,no,no
i'm just old face :)
but really love to join this cutie contest (so,i join la ;)
okay stop babbling and this is the picture of mine =>

just feel like wanna edit it T-T
am i look horrible ? -_-'

Lets join this contest ^o^/



currently watching alice nine tokyo galxaxy dvd ^^
tokyo galaxy ^-^

feel so full after eating nasi ayam from pasar malam ^w^
can't wait for my bestie to come this friday..miss her so badly :(

this 4 jun 2011, i'll go to segamat for my pak andak's daughter wedding..
just can't wait for jalan-jalan and makan angin :)

okay,simple entry from me


Success !

Bad day for me -_-'
okay,let's not talk about it..
oh, its gonna rain soon..

I'm not giving up for making the header for this kawaii blog.
so, last night i searched for tutorials using gimp and i found the great tutorial from this 'Miss Something' blog ^w^

It's really good tutorial you know for someone who 'slow' as me -_-"
my 2nd header using gimp 2.6

title : Miya-chan World !
using images of shin and shou ^^

a little ugly okay..but i'm happy ^-^


GACKT : episod.0

Good night everyone !!!
11:35 pm..sitting in front of the lappy writing anything that came out from my cell brain ^^
Okay i just stop by at my favorite artist fansite and i found this =>

Gackt's new single and the title is episod.0 
They will come out with the regular and limited edition (CD+DVD)
Paranoid doll
Episode.0 <instrumental>
Paranoid doll <instrumental>

Not to forget this will be Gackt's 39th single ^o^/ sugoiii 
here the episode.0 preview 

with his handsome new look for episode.0
gackt !! love ya !

credit to those who post this ^-^
for more information check this out =>


ViViD BLUE preview

Hey guys !
Kyaa just watching blue preview..eventhough its taken by the owner using camera i thing..
really make me exciting..
watch this ^w^

its better if you watch it at youtube => ViViD

thanks to the GTLJROCK, who post this video ^o^/

short entry from me
see ya!!


Alice Nine Shoxx vol.221 (preview)

1:59 p.m..
sitting in a room feeling sick :(
my headache still hurt from yesterday..really bad day for me duh..

But i still wanna update my kawaii blog ^-^
don't wanna writing much just upload so pics >-<

Alice nine shoxx vol.221

for this pictures owner don't be mad..
i'll credit that page ^-^

source : Alice Nine


Facebook and Bloggie friends

Hot day !
right now i'm sitting outside the house watching my nieces and nephew playing 'masak2'
such a boring and suck day -_-'

i'm really happy that my blog got 81 followers ^w^/
arigatou minna-san

my kireii and kakoii follower ^^

and akira kagimoto fanpage already got 60 likes
make me happy 

like that page okay if you are akira's lover
please like that link XD

Going out with my nieces ^^

Evening !!
Today was a really tiring day -_-'
My sister, e-ja ask me and ai-chan to help her going out for shopping her daughters clothes..
Her family will be going to Sarawak for 2 weeks and that mean Merdeka to me !! ^w^v

Only a short entry from me for today..
Have to sleep earlier today because i'm going to take of my brother's kids tomorrow
Must be really tense day tomorrow i think -_-"

Oyasumi minasan ^w^

Big fan of LAWAK KAMPUS!! and magazine !!

Buenas noches !! i mean good night in spanish ^^
Last night i just bought newest GEMPAKSTARZ magazine
Thanks mom for buying it for me ^w^/
Gempakstarz always the greatest magazine ever ^o^

Today,i bought 2 new magazines =>
*Lawak Kampus 10

really rarely buying Klik magazine -_-' ..Ai-chan told me that there's Alice Nine picture in that magazines
its not the newest picture but i still like it..during Gemini album ^^
Love it !!

2nd upload !! =>
New !! ^o^/

Also can't wait for Maid Maiden Thursday by Kaoru !
i just read gempakstarz..oh how hate when Ngu dead in USER story T^T
and i hate Miki for killing Ngu.. ^o^/

Thats all my synopsis of the day
hope u enjoy my boring story >///<


Missing ViViD so much

Sad entry =(
ViViD will release their new single => BLUE on 13/07/2011
i can't wait for it !!
Miss them so much..of course their music ^^,

my lullaby 
haha i'm really obsess with anything that i love 

short entry by me ^^


Lead daisuki !! LEADERS PARTY 8

I think its gonna rain soon ^^
lately weather are not so good..
No problem i will just keep updating my blog..

I wanna go to japan !! but sadly no.. -_-'
LEADERS PARTY 8..oh~ been missing them so much !!
let me included leader party 8 video
watch this =>
click that to watch it ^^

Kyaa, love you lead !!
Forever and ever <3

i'm really their biggie fan !!


Practice make Perfect !!

Minna-san !!
here at my place its already 11.28 p.m...
everyone are sleeping except me ^^
before i start my this nighty entry, i would like to thanks everyone who are really kind to adding me as your friend in my facebook => miya-chan
For those who are reading this and not yet adding me as your friend
Please add me..and i'm really excited to be friend with you (but sorry,i'm slow in english -_-')

Okay,focus on my entry ^-^
i really love art especially in drawing
i keep posting my art on one of this page *can't include that page name..sorry !!
some people gave me +ve comments and some -ve comments -_-'
well i can't blame them..yeah my drawing are not so good :(

Last week i post my new art, i'm drawing a picture of gackt..
and of course people comments..=>
A : ok
B : not bad
and a few good comments
and then this C guy give me a really 'good comment'..he said =>
C: yeah, ugly.. ( well in malay they called 'hodoh' )
if he's really good in art please show me..don't just give a -ve comment..

Right now i just keep practicing and practicing some more ^^
Gambatte miya-chan !!

*internet are so slow..ah,well i will upload my drawing next time

*yawn~ oyasumi minna-san


headache !! i'm thirst for the tutorials

My layout make me annoyed :(
i wish somebody would help me with the layout..but NONE !!
the header also make me mad , headache..
really hard to make one header ne.. :(

So,with a help from GOOGLE !! i try searching for header tutorials.. ^^
and TADAAA !! i just found a sofware => GIMP
it's kinda like photoshop but more simple i thing :)
hey ! help me..the gimp really look complicated :'(

Then YOUTUBE came to save me..oh my savior ^o^/
but i still blurr *-* because my internet was so slow (download to many video) -_-'
Right now i just have to wait for the bill to reach at my home box > peti surat laaa.. and make my sister Ai-chan for pay it ^^/

With the help of the tutorial, i know how to change hair colors !!
Hello, its an achievement okay ?!

Just want you to see my own header using paint
Its plain ,i know -_-''
this my 3rd piece of art ^^
header of shou-kun

okay,now please excuse me..i have a date with my new boyfiee 
Gackt !! just start to like him..love his body..auww,perv !!


My Dream Guy

Its now 1:39 p.m
The weather  is okay but i think its gonna rain today
Good time for sleep :)

I like to share about my dream guy ^w^/
just for fun okay ?!

Kawaii like :
IV from ViViD band !! he's really cute totally look like a girl..oh iv will u become my boyfiee ? ^o^/

Kireii like :
Winner goes to SHOU-kun from ALICE NINE..he's always be my favorite..daisuki <3

Kakkoii like :
LEAD youngest member AKIRA-kun ^3^..first japanese man and singer that i really love..i'm really his biggie fan !!

Sexy and Great Body like :
Kyaaa!! nosebleed >///< sexy GACKT...hehe i adore his body so much..feel like wanna touch them ^^
Yeah sorry i'm kinda pervert :p..
Oh GACKT will u marry me <3

Lists of my dream guy...haha XD
what about you??
share with me yaa!!


p/s : if u don't like my posts..simply get out from here..if you think i'm such a perv..why must i care ?? XD

Thanks for be my follower !!

Its now 1:02 p.m..not yet having my lunch..
Nothing much to say..just wanna say thank you for be my follower ^^
I really appreciate it..for those who are reading what i'm posting..thanks guys !!

From the start,
i just don't what is a blog ?'oh i'm feeling really like an idiot -_-' ..
I feel jealous when my friend have a blog 'am i childish ??' :)
On January 2011 ,i start making my own blog ! hey it really easy that i though..WOW !!
But to have a follower .that not easy like i think T^T
Hey  i only got 64 follower..that's an achievement
Arigatou !!
 not much but really appreciate it ^w^/

Last ,
thanks for become my follower..i LOVE you


Bisikan Paradox by iTO junji


Good day everybody..
Its been a while i didn't post anything..any of you miss me ??
Okay just post something about what i bought..
Last Sunday ,my brother bought me BISIKAN PARADOX by ITO junji
Thanks a lot brother ape..sayang anda lah !! ^^,

This comic is all about horror..it's a great story but complicated..
I really love the part maruso was running from pitan robot..<<really suspense  -_-''
Extra story about wanita angker..that story was totally freak me out
(i'm a chicken okay !!,i scared easily)

Okay ,later i'll upload picture of that book..
upload !! 
nice cover eh ^^

Anyway i really love ito junji story..i always read her story at online manga reading..
Buy it now ,i'll love it !!


Happy Mother's Day for my greatest mummy !!

Dah makan ke belum ??
Cepat makan nanti sakit perut lak..

By the way hari ni kan Hari Mak Gembira dah beli hadiah..?..dah wish..?
Okay ni cerita miya
Actually memang tak tahu mother's day bila..
yang miya tahu bulan May.
Sis miya yang bagi tahu..tu cepat2 miya ajak sis pergi beli kek
Siap tipon sis miya yang sorang lagi..maklumlah minta duit..lalala ^^

Tadi terus pergi beli..
tak dapat masuk pic sebab line tak berapa elok
nanti miya upload





Simple Puding Sejuk

Selamat malam semua..
dah tido ke ??

Hari ni penat sangat jaga my new anak buah , dayang dalila..
Penat-penat pun miya sempat masak taw !!
Masak puding sejuk !!
simple sangat..nak resepi miya tak.. ?

Tak nak pun takpe. sedih2 (sedih2 T^T )
okaylah miya pagi je resepi yang tak seberapa ni.

Bahan-bahan untuk PUDING :
Biji sagu (warna pape pun tak kesah janji sagu ^^ )

Stepnya lak >>
Didihkan air kat atas dapur at least 3cawan air law banyak nanti lembik sangat lak.
Then, dah mendidih masukkan biji sagu tadi..than teruskan kacau dan kacau tanpa berhenti..bila dah nampak macam pekat and likat...tuangkan ke dalam acuan yang korang suka macam ni

eh sorry2 ternampak tangan gemok miya lak :)

And bila dah sejuk jadi macam ni 
lawa kan cer puji miya sikit..lalala

Okay pasni bahan nak wat kuah puding lak
2 sudu tepung jagung (pekatkan taw)
1 biji telur (kuning telur sahaja)
2 tin susu cair 
Gula (ikut suka korang)

Stepnya >>
First masukkan tepung jagung yang dah pekat
Lepas tu masukkan kuning telur. Kacau.
Masukkan susu cair. Kacau lagi
Maukkan gula ikut suka korang
Last step didihkan kat atas api yang kecil. Kacau sampai mendidih sebab takut nanti berketul kalau tak kacau.
Siap !!
Nampak sedah tak ?? hee
Law sejuk lagi sedap

Simple kan tapi sorry la ayat berterabur banyak
Nervous lak time taip..lalala
Hope you try it and thanks for reading


Musical Drama ^^

Hai..selamat pagi jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 12.54 a.m
Dah pagi tapi tak tidur lagi sebab menonton GLEE !!

Siapa yang tak minat GLEE ? meh miya cubit pipi dia ^^
Best taw GLEE ni..musical drama but i don't like Hotel Mania really a copycat..
Nak marah ?? Please dipersilakan  :)

comel nya marah ^^

Okaylah out of topic sebentar..
GLEE ni best sebab pelakon dia berbakat sangat !!
Kalau lah miya ni terer nyanyi and joget gerenti miya nak masuk GLEE club
eh terberangan sebentar

Okaylah nak sambung tengok GLEE 
Good night semua yang membaca
Miya sertakan gambar GLEE untuk cuci mata korang yang tak tido2 lagi tu ^^

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥