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Bisikan Paradox by iTO junji


Good day everybody..
Its been a while i didn't post anything..any of you miss me ??
Okay just post something about what i bought..
Last Sunday ,my brother bought me BISIKAN PARADOX by ITO junji
Thanks a lot brother ape..sayang anda lah !! ^^,

This comic is all about horror..it's a great story but complicated..
I really love the part maruso was running from pitan robot..<<really suspense  -_-''
Extra story about wanita angker..that story was totally freak me out
(i'm a chicken okay !!,i scared easily)

Okay ,later i'll upload picture of that book..
upload !! 
nice cover eh ^^

Anyway i really love ito junji story..i always read her story at online manga reading..
Buy it now ,i'll love it !!


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