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Lotion Mustajab vs Ginger Extract Cream :)

お元気ですか? >w<

こんばんは !!
how are guys doing ?
wow ! its been a long time since my last entry eh (more than 2 weeks i don't update)
due to internet problem -_-"

So ,here i am , updating new entry >w<
not gonna write much because got another work to do..
by the way, do you still remember my last post ?
i'm told you that i'm on a strict diet right ? >__<
well luckly i'm manage to follow my own rules on "diet things"

Other than taking care of what i eat, i also exercise (of course when i'm not busy!)
using slimming lotion is one of my rules :))
so i'm gonna show you the different between this 2 lotion :

Lotion Mustajab EXTRA HOT with EXTRA GINGER :

this lotion smell good
can be use frequently
but only hot for a short time

Kzannah Ginger Extract Cream :

smell not so good :(
use twice a day only
because it is strong
while you are sweating ,it will be hotter and more hotter
so use it when you are cleaning the house/evercise
i love this more than mustajab >3<

i lost 2 kg in a week..hehe 
i'm really disappointed T.T 

The similarity berween this 2 products are the ingredient "GINGER"
Lotion Mustajab you can get it at any pharmacy :)
Kzannah Ginger Extract Cream only can get it at Cosway ~

the entry end here, will update more after this..hehe
bye ~

p/s : circle lens pre order for rm8/pair
really cheap right ? >w<
i wanna order !! 

Cookies Lovers ~

hey peeps ~ just finish cleaning the house , tireddd !!
in this few days i feel so depressed , don't know why :(

so maybe i should write an entry about what i love,hehe
i love to bake cookies, cake , cupcakes (and everything that sweet!)

source : weheartit 

while i was searching kawaii pictures at weheartit, i found this cute rilakkuma cookies recipe.
so maybe i should try making it ne ~ >W<

any of you have try making this?
do share with me !!

Oh , 1st thing that i really hate in baking cookies are this ~

so true !

by the way , i can't baking any cookies right now because i'm on diet (strict diet)
my cousin will be marry on JUNE , so must at least lost a few kilos..
so my aunt and grandma will be shock at my new appreance, hehe
(too bad i'm not a vegetarian)

friends, do follow me on twitter ya : mira kagimoto
especially gyaru lover or LEAD fans >W<
i really love to talk with you guys !

i think i'll stop right here .
till me meet again, sayonara ~

Spectacles and Rilakkuma ~

Oyasuminasai  !! wish you have a great sleep ne ~
sorry for not updating anything , i was to busy to write an entry :(
but today i'm totally got a free time so i'm gonna make a really damn short entry, hehe.

Do you guys still remembered my last entry ? i talked about new spectacle that i bought.
remember right? :)
here's my picture while i was wearing it ~

the ribbon is bigger than i thought,hehe
feel like a popteen model ~
haha, dream on miya -_-'

Really like that spectacle >W<
okay enough talking about it, lets talk about my new rilakkuma amigurumi ^^
i have been busy taking care of my nieces and really got no time to crochet more dolls ~sigh~
so here's my rilakkuma amigurumi that i kept too long, and just finished it a few days ago :))

thinking of making rilakkuma in animals costume!!

hmm..what should i do with the head eh?

meatballs LOL ! ^^

mushroom rilakkuma !!
i love Mario games
so i just thinking of making the costume :)

for any orders please go to my page
(a lots of cheap keychain)

thank you so much for reading my entry :)

p/s : Kaoru's new novel already out
still don't have at my place ~

LAVA Donut, Yummy !!

Hey peeps ! ^^
i should make an entry about this yesterday but i'm too busy with other things.
gomen ne ~ >,<

source : weheartit

So today , i got a little free time to update, hehe.
who loves cooking ? hands up !!
oh, i see many of you loves cooking eh ? \(^ ^)/

i love cooking and EATING !!!
okay lets get start ! (*≧▽≦)

the ingredients are :

1 and a half cup of white flour
1/3 cups of sugar
a half cup of milk
1 egg
2 tablespoons of melted butter
2 tablespoon of baking powder
a half teaspoon of salt
some strawberry jam

How to :

1st you must mix sugar, milk , egg and melted butter into a mixing bowl.
In another bowl use a sifter(tapis) and add the flour , baking powder and salt
and now add the sifted ingredients to the liquids (blend it to a dough)
*you may mix them using a wooden spoon and it work better using bare hands too

after that take out the dough and roll it rather thinly using a rolling pin (of course)
then, stamped them into rounds.
using a spoon scoop out some strawberry jams and put them on half of the rounds.
brushed the edges of the rounds with water so that the dough can stick together.
don't forget to press them together so that the jam won't slipped out when you FRY them..

*repeat process until the dough finish ~
sound hard right but its really easy when you read it slowly (>w<)
if you don't understand this , you may send message to me ~

so yummy !
the jam melted in my mouth~

okay, see you next time ne ~
sayonara >0<

p/s : trying to make a new recipe of cupcakes

Haul of the day ~

Hai, 10:26 p.m here , will going to sleep after this (i lied, hehe)
oh! tomorrow already Monday! time fly so fast ne ~
can't wait for end of April, hehe i'm going to Malacca for shopping !!

so happy !

Okay , i'm gonna write an entry about what i bought today :)
budget for today only RM 25..so just bought cheap things.
so these were my haul of the day :)

After breakfast, 1st destination was The Store..
my sister wanna bought the ingredient for making donut "Lava Donut"
super yummy !!

got strawberry jam in it 
gonna make an entry about this later ~

After that i went to Tokutokuya and just bought bento shapes cutter ~
i really wanna try making kawaii bento..
so will buy a lot of shapes cutter everytime i go to that shop :)
gonna buy egg shape cutter after this ! only RM4.90 ~

 three shapes
a bear, boy and girl
really like the bear shape >,<

2nd destination was Billion, just bought playstation 2 cd there :)
Persona 3 and Persona 4 , i already finished the games so many times..
but my cd already broken so i had to bought new one, hehe

Last destination , Giant because the shopping mall really near at my house ^^
bought some food, kitchen stuff.. 
suddenly i saw a very kawaii sunglasses (actually without glasses, hehe)
without thinking , i bought it :)

hello kitty !!
lots of my friend have this~

my second sunglasses (without glasses).
the 1st one i took out the glasses so can wear it like POPTEEN model :)

here it is !
haha ignore my less makeup face
no circle lens :p

will make an entry about LAVA DONUT tomorrow and not to forget the ingredients :)
i will make sure you can make it yourself ~
see yaa !!

p/s : gosh!my english are really bad -_-'
gonna practice more and more :)

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥