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Mira's Superheroes Contest

Picture of the day 
this amigurumi cute right
source : weheartit

picture dekat atas tu bukan hadiah mira, tapi sesetengah pihak tak tahu amigurumi tu apa,
so yg kat atas tu lah patung kait ye :)

Hey guys, this is my 1st contest :)
GA dah 2 kali mira buat , so kali bagi turn untuk contest ye..
okaylah straight to the point je , tak nak taip panjang-panjang..

Mira ni super fan of Superheroes, especially from Marvel,
so the theme for this contest is SUPERHEROES.

i need your creativity mind :)
contestants must answer all the question that i give ^^

bagi je jawapan apa-apa yang korang tahu pasal superhero,
ikot pendapat korang je :)

What do you know about Superheroes? i want 3 answer.
(Apa yang anda tahu tentang superhero? berikan mira 3 jawapan)

Who is your most favorite Superhero? 
(Siapakah superhero kegemaran anda?)

Give me reason why he/she is your favorite Superhero?
(Berikan mira sebab kenapa dia menjadi superhero kegemaran anda?)
-tak kisah panjang mana jawapan anda , yg ni penting sebab kena creative ye-

Last question
-What is the other name Bruce Wayne was known as? (bonus question)


-Follow miss rainbow blog.
-LIKE sponsored page (my shop) - IZUMI SHOP (inform me if dah LIKE)
-Letak banner di atas & linkkan ke blog mira.
-Mana-mana superheroes pon tak kesah contoh Ultraman, Fantastic 4..etc.
-Jawapan English/Malay (ikut suka anda)
-Finish? tinggalkan link anda dekat comment entry ni.

2 rules terpenting are :
-Tak nak contestant macam ni >>
"dah ada bloggers ajak ,kita join jela"
"bosan tak tahu nak update apa, tu join"
"saje je join mana tahu boleh menang kot"

-Menggunakan BLOG utama (blog yang anda selalu update entry), 
bukan blog khas for GA & CONTEST.
(will automatically delete entries anda)


1 winner only (choose by me)
Hadiah?of course patung kait wearing a superheroes costume
(keep updating with my entry ya, soon will talk about the gift)
19 NOVEMBER 2012- 30 November 2012

update contest,read here :

P/S : can't wait to read your entries ~

The Grey

How was your day ?
me? as usual tired, haha..

i'm not gonna talk about the contest..
just an entry about the DVD i bought a few days ago..

Have you guys heard about "The Grey"
it's 2012 movie , i never heard about this movie..
but something make me really wanna watch it..

So i make a search at google,
what a suprise , my favorite actor starring in "the grey"
Liam Neeson, i admired him so much !!

about "The Grey" : 
The Grey is a 2012 American adventure drama film directed by Joe Carnahan and starring Liam NeesonFrank Grillo, and Dermot Mulroney. It is based on the short story Ghost Walker by Ian MacKenzie Jeffers, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Carnahan.
The story follows a number of oil-men stranded in Alaska after a plane crash, who are forced to survive using little more than their wits, as a pack ofgray wolves stalk them during mercilessly cold weather. (wiki source)

interesting story :)
if you a fan of Liam Neeson, you should watch it..
i like all his movies, except love story..
because a guy like him should only act in an action/thriller film (more cool!)

but "Battleship" film was bored & not awesome..
maybe because the main actor is not so "wow" (if ya know what i mean)

The A-Team film was the 1st movie make me fell in love with Liam..
his character as J. "Hannibal" Smith really catch my heart...
ooohhh, he's hot !! >,<

His voice really make me melt 
i love to memorized every words hi said in the film :)

well , that's all i wanna share..
see ya in my later entry, bye :)

p/s : thanks to my sister for giving me Captain America figure as my birthday gift
Love ya, muahhxx xoxoxo

the superhero is coming to town !!

Hi everybody !! what's up?
just a simple and nice entry for my reader about the contest that i make..

i appreciate bloggers who join this contest, thank you so much !!
i'm busy in the process of making the prize, i hope you guys love it :)

Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma will be my victim that will be wearing the superheroes costume, yeah!
maybe some of you don't know what or who is rilakkuma , right ?
here let me show the photo :

okay, gonna share some of my amigurumi works :)

back-side of the dolls
can you guess who is it?
which superhero?

making the 2nd superhero
ironman suit kinda hard to make -_-"

close up picture(ironman)

still in the process, and still got 2 more superheroes custome i wanna do..
hmm, who eh? >,<

p/s : thanks for reading ~


back-side only i can show
(not finished yet)
hehe, i hope you'll like it :)

Update about CONTEST

how are you guys? :)
source : wehearit

Hello ~
thanks yang join contest mira,
walaupun tak ramai tapi happy sangat sebab korang berani nak cerita pasal superhero favorite :)

Ni, update terbaru pasal contest mira, sebab ada yang kurang faham bila mira cakap pasal superheroes.

Actually , bila cakap je pasal superhero mesti korang fikir macam superman, batman and so on..
tapi for me, superheroes maksudnya someone yang korang tersangat suka/adored..

Everyone got a different favorite of supheroes, right?
mira tak kisah kalau korang nak tulis favorite superhero korang artis ke? anime ke? orang yang korang suka ke? asalkan seseorang yang memberi korang inspirasi :)

Contest mira ni senang je, jomlah join ramai-ramai..
mira suka sangat baca entry-entry pasal superhero ni ~

Nak join contest mira, click sini ye :)

Mira ni memang peminat superhero , hehe..
nanti mira share pasal superheroes yang mira minat time entry winner nanti (>w<)

Nak cerita pasal hadiah pulakk,
mira akan bagi 4 anak patung kait , 100% handmade by me..
yang paling penting, patung tu pakai costume superheroes lah..
kata contest superheroes, hadiah mestilah ada kaitan dengan superheroes..
betul tak ? hehe..

semuanya sponsored dari page shop mira : izumi shop

patung kait ataupun lebih comel dipanggil "amigurumi"
boleh search dekat google pictures or any info about amigurumi ye ^^

p/s : mira dah terangkan semua pasal contest, hope ada yang nak join lagi :3
       mira ingat kalau yang join ramai , mungkin akan ada 2nd winner ~

CONTEST coming soon !

ogenki desu ka? ^^

Hi friends !! how are you today?
already read the upper title? yes, that's true..
i'm gonna make a contest soon (pertama kali nak buat contest, asyik GA je)

Contest ni especially for my followers, walaupun mira jarang update tetap ada yang follow.
thank you ~ :)

The theme is ___ i'm not gonna tell you..
sebab nanti ada yang copy my idea ( tak suka orang macam tu,haha)
it gonna be hard if you are not a fan of that theme :)
mira perlukan creativity mind korang..

Tapi mira nak yang join to sebab minat and nak sangat hadiah yang diberikan.
tak nak contestants macam ni :
"dah ada bloggers ajak ,kita join jela"
"bosan tak tahu nak update apa, tu join"
"saje je join mana tahu boleh menang kot"

(automatic delete your entries) :)
nampak sangat tak sudi nak join tu..

yang ada blog khas untuk GA & contest tu tak perlulah nak join contest ni sebab mira nak yang update hanya guna 1 blog utama sahaja.. ^3^
tak naklah pergi baca entry >>
 "this is my blog for GA &contest je, jom singgah lagi 1 blog sy"

demand ke rules mira?
tak perlu join if rasa leceh :)

p/s : seronok if yang sudi join tu betul-betul ikhlas :))

custom orders pon dah dibuka sekarang :)
silalah inbox di IZUMI SHOP

Amigurumi, Facebook and Twitter

Hello, okay mira dah janji nak update blog more often..
so just a short entry from me :)

If korang tak tahu pasal amigurumi or nak info mendalam pasal patung-patung yang mira kait tu,
just contact me via


LIKE page mira ye, bolehlah terus tanya apa-apa dekat wall or inbox kalau nak tunjuk pictures amigurumi :)


You can also just tweets me..
more easy right?

TWITTER : @mirakagimoto

this is amigurumi if don't know what it is :)

p/s : will update about something special later :)
wait ya ~

i'm Back !!

Assalamualaikum bloggers..

sorry for not updating this blog for a long time..
hmm, last update was on October 24..and sekarang dah bulan November..
busy, sorry !! and i need time to relax :)

So, i'm back now ~ wee
Izumi shop pon dah open for orders, silalah inbox mira if nak orders ye.
for all the messages yang belom sempat mira balas, sabar ye..

i had a bad fever but managed to finish all this dolls
oh, thank'd god :)

mira stop take orders sebab siapkan semua ni.
 hadiah pertandingan kanak-kanak
(thanks order ye)

siap balut and letak harga, hehe

okay Izumi Shop dah dibuka kembali..
hurry up place your orders :)

Like this page for more dolls : IZUMI SHOP
inbox me ya ~

after this will update more often..

p:s : maybe i will make a contest soon !! yeahhh ^^

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥