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LEAD : HURRICANE (lil part)

helo helo
just found out about this at facebook (lead fan club)

thanks to who share this link (^__^)
i hope u don't mind i share it

to lead fans u can listen a little part of the new song here :
HURRICANE (just click at the link)

thanks for reading
oyasumi minasan~~

if i make a GIVEAWAY

good evening all
its 2:25 p.m here ^^

i just thinking if i make a GIVEAWAY
"ade ke rakan-rakan blogger nak join? T^T"

haish so sad la if nobody wanna join it because i'm not an active bloggers -_-''

i wanna thanks to all bloggers who rajin tangan follow me ^w^
so i hope u will join my GA if i make one la (^__^)

gambar hiasan (^___^)
thanks for reading ya !!

Hello Kitty most popular Kitty

Good day !
i'm at my sister house playing computer while watching spongebob squarepants
boring day for me ^^

 Hello kitty ^^
a lil bit about hello kitty  :
Hello Kitty (ハローキティ Harō Kiti?)[2] (full name Kitty White)[1] is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, first designed by Yuko Shimizu. The character is a staple of the kawaii segment of Japanese popular culture.[3] The character is portrayed as a female white Japanese bobtail catwith a red bow. The character's first appearance on an item, a vinyl coin purse, was introduced in Japan in 1974 and brought to the United States in 1976.[4][5] This debut came under the Sanrio company lineup, where her various products are still developed and sold.
source : HELLO KITTY wikipedia

well i rembered my first hello kitty thing that i bought was hello kitty sticker ^w^
and i got a few of hello kitty small plushies and i do bought hello kitty CD (already gone)

Hello kitty really a most popular kitty..of we know that right ?
another character that famous now is DOMO-KUN

i'm also the domo lover :)

okay enough chit chat,
lets take a look at Hello Kitty images (^__^)

too many hello kitty products !!

thanks for reading 


wah been so long didn't join any segmen ^w^
today i'll join a segmen by lunalanun :)

klik that banner to join ya ~

thanks !!

Totally a Big fan of YOU !

Morning !! 12:50 a.m and i still not sleepy..
sitting too long in front of the laptop making my body ache -_-"

non-topic entry :

just wanna tell that i am totally freaking love you !
like your style
your voice
and of course your kawaii and kakkoi look <3
(yeah i'm totally a freak so what ?!)

AKIRA (^___^)

hehe he just my favorite artist ^^
love akira love lead :)

thanks for reading
for those who didn't like my post
that non of my business

entry suka-suka sahaja !

live tour "lead upturn 2011

Look at the title
oh ! i really wanna see it ^^
but sadly no :(

but at least i know about that ^w^
let me give you the date :

Live Tour "Lead Upturn 2011 ~ Sun × You ~"

August 12 (Fri)
Meitetsu Nagoya halldoors open 14:00 start 15:00 ①
② half past six p.m. Opening Doors open 17:30

August 14 (Sunday)
International House, Osaka
15:00 doors open 14:00 ①
② thirty past six p.m. Opening Doors open 17:30

Aug. 16 (Tue)
Fukuoka Momochi Palace
① 15:00 Doors Open 14:00
Doors Open 18:30 Opening 17:30 ②

August 21 (Sunday)
Nakano Sun Plaza Hall,
doors open 14:00 start 15:00 ①
② 6:30 p.m. Opening Doors open 17:30

for cuci mata only ^^

thanks for reading
have fun ^^

Feel like wanna open a BUSINESS

Minasan~ how are you today ? :)
I hope its gonna rain soon (i love rainy day)
remind me of LEAD song "love rain" ^^

am i out off topic? yess ,sorry ya !

actually i think nak open business (ehem2 nak berniaga for belanja raya nanti -_-')
wanna sell my handmade amigurumi ^^

do you think people wanna buy my handmade things ?
well i don't know T^T

But i'll try
its doesn't hurt trying right? ^o^/

i made it myself 
do you like it ?

Harry Potter was freakin' awesome !!!

Good day friends !
already had your lunch ?
me? not yet but later i will
maybe going to pasar malam this petang ^^/

Okay lets skip our chit-chat.
Hey did you guys already watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2 ?

i watch it yesterday and the comment is :

i went with both of my onlysister and my abg ipar
we watched it on 3.45 p.m
that time i felt i don't have any patient anymore haha ^^

i'll keep this tickets for memory ^^
love harry potter <3

okay,this the last harry potter ever T^T
so i took some pictures for memories ^^

oh i'm look fat !!
okay2 lets focus on that picture ^^

its a bit dark here
oh of course i'm with harry
haha xD

me with ai-chan ^^
she's with voldemot
hehe just kidding ^w^

this free transformer cup and popcorn holder(wth i'm babbling)
(2 in 1)

well thanks for reading
aww its feel really sad that i'll never see another harry potter movie
when i was watching that movie yesterday i felt like wanna cry
especially a part where harry potter wanna sacrifices himself

Harry Potter will always be the greatest movie ever !!

Ticket ? Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollow part 2

oyasuminasai ~
yeah !! tomorrow i'll be going to watch harry potter last movie T^T (sad)
hurm..what should i wear ? what make-up should i do ?
bla..bla..bla like i'm going to premiere :p

afterthis i'll be missing harry , hermoine and of course ron ^^

just can't wait laa!!
mesti gempak giler lah !!! ^^


hello you guys ^^
still not sleep yet because wanna update my blog !!

Lead fans ! are you already see their covers for the hurricane single ?
if not why don't you take a look at this





and this cover is for the regular edition >
really handsome
look like 90s picture

release on 10/08/2011 

kyaa i wish i could buy all that covers T^T

cinta in amigurumi so much !!

hey there fella !!
really long time i didn't update anything right ?
thats because i was to busy working ^^
migrain make me tak boleh menaip T_T

by the way, by the time i didn't online my blog..i keep busying my free time with crochet+amigurumi
it turn out very well ^^
here's some of my handmade amigurumi

this was my first crochet doll ^^
greeny her name :)

my love bunny with floppy eared bunny
for my sis,ai-chan

kawaii right
really love it ^^
perasan terer beb !!

and this is all my collection ^o^

i need more practice ^w^

thanks for reading !!

new members of my DOMO family :)

Hey there !
already had your lunch ?
well just wanna share my collection

just bought this domo cushion kat pasar malam
for RM45.00 (cheap right ?)
the big one there ^^
really complete my domokun collection ^o^

and not to forget ada 1 lagi hp keychain that my mom bought it for me 
Pink Domokun ^w^
only RM5.90 (da turun harge die) hehe

sampai plastik pon tak bukak
sayang punya pasal ^^
kawaii ne ~

thanks for reading ^^
Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥