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Mira's Mini Giveaway

Tadaaa !! for my customer and followers !! MINI GIVEAWAY !! ><

start on 26/03/2013 - 30/04/2013
(update !! the date,hehe)

Follow this rules 
Follower of my blog "Miss Rainbow"
Like this page : IZUMI SHOP 
Make an entry about "Mira's Mini Giveaway"
   -make a few words-
Put the banner and link it to my blog 
Finish? leave your link at this entry comment 
Don't forget to include on how can i contact you if you win it

Okay some of you maybe don't quite understand the rules so i post it back in BM

Peraturan :
Follow blog "Miss Rainbow"
Like page ni : IZUMI SHOP
Buat entry tentang "Mira's Mini Giveaway"
  -buat sepatah dua kata ye-
Letak banner dekat atas and linkkan ke blog Mira
Siap? tinggakan link entry giveaway korang dekat entry ni.
Sertakan cara mira nak contact if korang menang..(senangkan??)

The winner will be choose by me , so jangan lupa wat sepatah dua kata ye :)
only 1 winner ya !! sebab mini GA je..
nanti if ada masa mira wat GA besar-besaran ^^

PRIZE : Amigurumi Dolls..will not reveal the dolls yet :)

all update only on Izumi Shop FB page..
thanks :)

Amigurumi Reminder and Problems

Heyya !! i'm trying to update more often..
so bloggers will remember my amigurumi, tee hee..

okay, 1st of all i'm sooo tired due to wat happened today..
i post a box of dolls for my brother's gf..
she and her friends orders together so easier for me to post it out..
and then pihak HEP tahan sebab ingat those things for sells..
walhal dorang tak ada langsung hak nak open the box, privacy for student..
so pihak HEP tahan box tu, entah-entah dia nak ambil jual or bagi anak-anak dia..
sebelum ni tak ada pun orang nak tahan barang-barang kecantikan yang sampai dekat Universiti/Kolej..

just a box of dolls..

if they still don't wanna give it, i'll surely go there and take it or make a complaint..
i don't wanna say that Uni/College name, but i think you can guess it..

it's not a drugs !! just dolls !! that kinda make me mad..
adik-adik tu habis duit tempah untuk family, boyfriends, or friends..
sedap-sedap je diorang tahan..

just a small reminder from me :

If you wanna orders, just make sure nak bagi address rumah ataupun U/Kolej..
tapi kena siasat dulu perangai pihak-pihak hep tempat study korang..
nanti masalah macam ni timbul pulakk..

pihak posmen lepaskan box tu sebab dorang dah check so yang pihak HEP nak check tu drugs or alcohol why??

urrgghhh really mad when typing this post..THE END

still opening orders for Batch 4

contact me via :
twitter : @mirakagimoto
email : miss91stargazer@gmail.com

Pou Game Inspired and Little Conversation

Good day friends :)
hope you guys have a great Sunday, although the weather is too hot for me to resist..
wanna go out after this, buying some craft materials..(mine already out of stock LOL)

Just wanna make some announcement , after this my blog will update only about my amigurumi stuff, craft materials..
no more magazine, makeup stuff.. ><
more too business blog, i think..hehe


Most of android user must have known this game..
kawaii pou, that we take care like a little baby..haha!
my brother's girlfriend request me to make 2 pou cat..
at first i was like.. "err..can i make it"
and later i said to myself.."uhh let's give a try"

before i shared my pou amigurumi, let's see what is pou game actually..

you can download it at GOOGLE PLAY

tadaa !!
my latest pattern (i think,hehe)
what do you think ??


Last topic, haha about the header..it's totally cute right?
thanks to Luqman Hakim for making the header..
hontou ni kawaii >,<

arigato ne ~

by the way, orders for batch 4 is opening now..
place your orders before its too late :)
if rasa rugi order sebab postage, senang je cara dia..
ajak kawan-kawan lain beli sekali if lebih 10 dolls mira bagi FREE POSTAGE :)


contact me via 

Twitter : @mirakagimoto
Email : miss91stargazer@gmail.com

Amigurumi Orders : 1st, 2nd and 3rd Batch

Hey guys !! it's been awhile ne~ since my last update..
too busy i think..

how are you guys? i hope you guys are doing great.. :)
after this, i wanna be more active in amigurumi world..
gonna make a GA soon but maybe not this monthlah, i hope you guys setia menanti..hehe

i just finish all the orders..
let me share the photos..

1st batch :

2nd batch :

3rd batch :

later, i will share a new dolls in my shop..
stay tuned ya !!

Attention !
sekarang tengah buka orders untuk Batch 4
hurry up place your orders :)

contact me via :

Twitter : @mirakagimoto
Email : miss91stargazer@gmail.com

Contact Me !

just a short update about my contact..
for those who don't have any facebook/twitter acc..
you can just email me via miss91stargazer[at]gmail.com..

thank you :)

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥