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28/05 day talk :)

Hai minna !! how are you ?? 
hope you doing really fine :)

i should finish making all the order for my customer..
but i'm sitting in front of the computer..surfing the internet LOL (>__<)
sometimes when we are tired , we need some space right ?

this is a long entry because i rarely update before this..
oh, on Monday (28/05/2012) my lovely brother went to Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan.
*sad, no one will argue with me after this T.T

really simple makeup >3<
circle lens and eyeliner only

memory picture T.T

he supposed to be register at 2.00 p.m- 4.00 p.m..
but we kinda late because of the damn traffic jam (stuck in front of nurse college for 1 hour)
after that we stuck on searching parking..too much car LOL !!
and too much student also -__-"

sorry, my photo are not so good
but if you can see..
there're so many student there..
all girls..

2000++ girls and 1500++ boys (can you imagine it??)
and the orientation are totally not systematic
(too much new student i think, maybe they can't handle it)
my brother stay in the dorm.. on the 4th FLOOR !
i'm totally tired at that time because me and sister have to bring his big bags!
too many stairs >__<

at 6.00 p.m, we went home (of course without my brother lol)
i wish my brother will have many friends and be a good student :)
only 1 year studying there, so concentrate on your study ^^


Last Sunday, i bought diy facemask.. (but i will make an entry about it next time)
also bought some magazines ~ my favorite >w< 
have you guys bought HIJABSTA magazine ? only introduction edition.. :)

well, next entry will be about face mask and magazines 

sayonara !! .

p/s : better finish all the orders :)
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thanks !! :)

Maii Blog's 555+ followers mini giveaway !

Hello minna !!
it's been so long i didn't join any giveaway, hehe :)

today i wanna join Maii-chan mini giveaway ^__^
all the prizes are awesome !! wish i can win it >w<


Comic Stuff ~ :)


Hope you guys have a great Saturday ne ~ 
really tired today..shopping things for my brother :)
he will go to college on 28 May, i'll be lonely because no one will fight with me anymore T.T
haha ,enough talking about it.

last night picture XD 
sorry for my rude pose >__<
last night photo, went out with my mom, brother, sister and my nieces :)
me with Dayang Dalila , hehe...
my face really hideous without makeup LOL

Nothing to write actually, just wanna share a graphic novel that i bought today !!
haha, when will i stop buying books eh? the answer is "will not stop yet"..

Dari Alam Angker : Dongeng Geman by Puyuh 
one of my favorite cartoonist  (>ω<*)ノ 

puyuh so damn creative >w<

fell in love with his art when i saw his 1st graphic novel own by my brother.
(he actually gonna throw away the old book,so i took the graphic novel hehe)
*psst i don't remember the title,sorry >__<

Another Malaysian cartoonists that i love are Kaoru and Keith 
manage to collect all their graphic novels~ \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/

if you ask me ,who is my favorite japanese mangaka..err too much too list -_-'
but one of them is Aihara Miki (her manga is Hot Gimmick)
Hot Gimmick got 12 series (i'm totally love that manga !)

Oh maybe i should stop here :)
if i write more about manga ,my hand will surely wouldn't stop..

サヨナラ !! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ
 i'm learning japanese right now ~

sorry for any mistake >////< 

see ya in my next entry >w<

Bento & random talk

currently busy making orders for customers
tired but really happy :)

Hello everybody !! sorry for not updating any entry lately..
i'm totally in bad condition (flue + headache + teribble stomachache)
in this few days i'm not an "internet addict" like i was before, don't know why ~

Random entry for today !!
just deleting some files of "rubbish things" and suddenly found a lot of Bento pictures (>w<)

what is bento
Bento is a home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine..
they always consist of rice,fish or meat (oh,i don't prefer fish -_-")
don't forget the cooked vegetables, bento usually in a box-shaped container :)
Nowadays , bento are available in many place throughout Japan , including convenience store..
but it still a common for Japanese people for spending their time and energy making it on their own ^^
(i'm surely will make it myself, don't wanna buy it LOL) XD

Bento also can be arranged in a style called kyaraben (character bento)
typically decorated to look like a popular anime character :)
(oh why they are so creative?? ^0^/)

Not to forget ,another popular bento style is oekikaben (picture bento)
usually decorated to look like people, plants, animals, building or monument.
they also held a contest (haha,i will be the 1st one to lose because i'm suck at decorates foods/thngs)

Oh, there're a lots of bento styles..you can search it at google ne minna :)
hehe,i'll try making my own bento soon !!

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thanks to my lovely customers who order a lots of amigurumi
thank you for the supports (>3<)/

Scawaii Magazine May/June issue ~ 2012

12:43 p.m here :)
actually i don't know what to write (haha)
maybe i should talk about magazine that i bought today ^__^

Scawaii May/JUN issue !! finally found it at bookstore near my house ~
Nozomi Sasaki as the cover..(she got a really nice skin)
haha, how can i have a really nice skin without any dark spot on my face ?
any tips friends ? :)
(recently i got no time to take a good care of my skin..huh ~)
 too buzy i think -_-"

Scawaii May/JUNE issue
i love the cover >w<

Lots of info i can get via this magazine..so all fashion lovers must buy it ne ~
i really love fashion, and really wanna have a lot of kawaii clothes just like in Scawaii magazine !
haha i kinda love knitting clothes (too bad i don't have it yet)

pretty right ?

a lot of new make up..
hmm gonna try one of this (going to my cousin wedding next month)
help choose which makeup should i try minasan ^0^/

Japanese makeup are totally cool !
don't need plastic surgery to look beautiful ~
power of makeup ne ~ >w<
wanna makeup like a pro (must practice!)

everytime i read Scawaii magazine, this is my most favorite part !
Eyelash and Circle Lens !! 
lalalala tsukema tsukeru ~ (lets sing kyary-chan song !) 

I rarely update my blog because i'm damn buzy with life..
also need to focus on my future..(so i only update when i have free time)
ありがとうございます! for following me >w<
already 700++ followers!! うれし!! 

To my followers : だいすきだよ !!
see ya next time minna !!

p/s :waiting for LEAD new album NOW OR NEVER
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Amigurumi Dolls

how are you ?
hehe photo of the day :)
with my cat "tompok"

Hai guys !! how are you ?
i hope you are doing fine ne >w<
me? just fell and my knee are really swollen right now T.T

by the way, it's lunch time right now..
don't forget to take your meal ,okay ?? ^_^

ohh ! i just wanna talk about my amigurumi shop ~
already uploaded new picture, so you can take a look at it..
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lots of cheap keychain..if you buy 3 doll will get 1 free..
doing a promotion right now,hehe..

you can check other doll at my page >w<
haha deeply in love with amigurumi ~

well i should end this entry right away..
see ya ~ >0<

Skin care product and Circle lens

good evening friends !!
Ogenki desu ka?

Hai !! 
minna ~ its very hot here..wanna grab some ice-cream after this, hehe >w<
what are you doing right now ? hmm..sleeping??

Today,i'm gonna talk about skin care..
sometimes when we look at models skin..(omg!they got a really nice damn skin right?)
but sometimes they also got a bad skin day >w< (just like us,LOL !)

Important thing is we must not forget our beauty routine !
our skin also need a special care same with baby skin, hehe >__<
i love Japanese brands of skin care product..but i'm not using them anymore..
because my skin are so damn sensitive..
before this i'm using follow me product..and more black heads take a "nap" at my face -_-'
so will not use follow me brand anymore ~

so after 1 weeks don't use any cleanser/toner/moisturizer ,i try bought this oxy product..
my sister had tried it before and i think i should try it too..

OXY stater kit
just use it yesterday so don't have any comment on this product yet

Sensitive skin really burden me :(
enough talk about skin care...
just received my circle lens yesterday~
pre order RM8/pair..i bought 7 pair (mine only 3,hehe)

mine blue, green and brown
my sister's bought all brown >__<

Stop here ! will see ya in my next entry
chuu ~ >3< 

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