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Bento & random talk

currently busy making orders for customers
tired but really happy :)

Hello everybody !! sorry for not updating any entry lately..
i'm totally in bad condition (flue + headache + teribble stomachache)
in this few days i'm not an "internet addict" like i was before, don't know why ~

Random entry for today !!
just deleting some files of "rubbish things" and suddenly found a lot of Bento pictures (>w<)

what is bento
Bento is a home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine..
they always consist of rice,fish or meat (oh,i don't prefer fish -_-")
don't forget the cooked vegetables, bento usually in a box-shaped container :)
Nowadays , bento are available in many place throughout Japan , including convenience store..
but it still a common for Japanese people for spending their time and energy making it on their own ^^
(i'm surely will make it myself, don't wanna buy it LOL) XD

Bento also can be arranged in a style called kyaraben (character bento)
typically decorated to look like a popular anime character :)
(oh why they are so creative?? ^0^/)

Not to forget ,another popular bento style is oekikaben (picture bento)
usually decorated to look like people, plants, animals, building or monument.
they also held a contest (haha,i will be the 1st one to lose because i'm suck at decorates foods/thngs)

Oh, there're a lots of bento styles..you can search it at google ne minna :)
hehe,i'll try making my own bento soon !!

p/s : like my shop page 
thanks to my lovely customers who order a lots of amigurumi
thank you for the supports (>3<)/

6 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

✿Lady Ainaa ✿ said...

Moshi2..hehehehe... Cantik betul bento tu... lau ena dpt bento lawan camtu, ena awetkan terus...syg nk mkn..hakhak....

sis buat patung tu ke???

CikAnyss' :O said...

I just addicted with amigurumi after found it at your site ! first ,plan to buy it from you .. then i changed my mind to try to crochet it by my own .. ;D but one day , mybe would try buy from you .. the postage charge just prevent me from buying .. would you do promotion like buy 3 free postage .?? hehehe . have a happy day and dont forget to take medicine ! ;)

Mira Kagimoto said...

@✿Lady Ainaa ✿ betul2 mmg cantik, sis pon syg nk mkn..hehe
yup sis yg wat :)

Mira Kagimoto said...

@CikAnyss' :O haha :) anyss, i always make a promotion..buy 3 doll got free postage ^^ and sometimes i give free doll :)

elyna mirsada said...

jenjln cni,hurm cmelnye..hehe

Mira Kagimoto said...

hehe bento mmg comel :)

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥