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End of JUNE Shopping!

kawaii looking donuts
look so delicious !!

Hey guys!! how are you?
i hope you are doing very fine :)
yesterday i went to Kuala Pilah to pick up my brother from college..
suddenly i had been attack by car sick !! >__<
and of course i didn't touch the laptop for whole day, hehe..

rest for a while and that night, we went out for dinner (treat from my lil bro!!)
we ate Thai meals, おいしい! after that, accompany my brother to buy a new spectacle..

Not to forget, we went to clothes store.. me and my sister wanna search for new clothes, hehe
so we end up buying the same clothes and skirts :)

2 pair of clothes
2 pair printed "tudung bawal"
1 pair of black x white polkadot

 the collar
look so かわいい, hehe >3<

Oh! i also bought new pair of jean :)
my old jean already "koyak sana sini" , hehe
i can't wait to meet up with my bestie,Elyn (hangout and shopping time !!)


A few days ago, i bought Hijabsta magazine, Maria Elena on the cover ~
bought cooking book too !! wanna try cook pasta or noodles during Ramadhan :)

Hijabista (RM10)
Mi & Pasta (RM9.90)

that's all for today entry..
by the way,thank you for liking my shop page (>3<)  

there're a lot of new dolls, check it out guys..
if you wanna make order just message me at facebook :)
i rarely check the izumi shop so if you wanna make order , just pm at my fb ne :)

see you next time, さよなら 

LEAD「Stand and Fight」

Good morning friends..i should make an entry about this yesterday
but i'm too damn busy with work so gonna postpone it today,hehe..
okay lets start typing this entry !! (>w<) 

Well some of you maybe don't know who is Lead..
you can check it out here : Ameblo LEAD 
i love them so much! totally a part of my life,yeah me so obsessed with LEAD

NOW or NEVER cover :)

Yesterday,Lead new PV was released..
watch this !! >w<
Stand and Fight 
everyone can be a hero :)
yeah,i love this song !!

i love their black and red outfit..especially akira-kun!!
he so kakkoii and kawaii at the same time.. (gosh!i love him so much)
Keita look pretty and manly..i like his hair style..
Hiroki also a got a really damn nice style and his always smile in this PV!
Shinya !! my cool guy ~ he keep getting cute and handsome day by day !!

for your information, 
Lead will be releasing their 6th album on JULY 18(NOW or NEVER)
10th year anniversary !! will always support you guys !!
i wanna meet them so badly !! T^T 

p/s : later i will make an entry about "how and with who i learn to crochet"
stay tuned !! ^^

ViVi Malaysia magazine ! :)

How are you guys ?   ♥
just a short entry from me, hehe..
by the way, do you love fashion? especially japanese fashion? 

i got something to tell you , ViVi  Malaysian edition !! ( ´∀`)
i'm so happy because finally i can read and understand what are they talking about :)
by the way, the magazine is in English language and only cost RM10 (kinda cheap right?)

Oh, i super excited because i love Lena Fujii so much !!
she and other vivi models gave their blessing on vivi premier issue all the way from Japan ~ !

Girls!! get your ViVi magazine a.s.a.p !! (*≧▽≦)  

i always buy the chinese edition of ViVi
now, i can get myself a copy of malaysian edition 
Oh,i wonder when will Popteen available in english language ?
must be interesting ne minna..


Saturday Haul :)

oh, i miss mascara, eyelash..etc.

Oh, how was your Saturday? i hope you enjoying your relax time ya!
i went out with my mommy, sisters and 3 kawaii nieces :)
we had our breakfast then we went to Billion, bought some stuff for cooking "bubur pedas (Sarawak dish)"
Luckily my brother in law is from Sarawak..so whenever my sister's family having a vacation at Sarawak..
i'm surely will ask her to buy food or stuff there ,hehe :)
the taste of bubur pedas kinda good..
but i don't even try the real bubur pedas made by sarawak people yet..
oh maybe when i going to Sarawak,i'll surely try it (^w^)

After tired bring all the plastic bags >___< , 
we went to D.I.Y store and Tokutokuya (lots of cheap and kawaii stuff)
i found a lots of interesting stuff but i'm saving my money right now, so just bought a little stuff only..
what i bought ? hmm..let me show you ~

measurement tape 
inhaler stick
moisture cream

after this i can take measurement of my body anywhere LOL :)


Its been awhile since my last post about amigurumi..
i'm totally busy taking care of my nieces and rarely crocheting anything..
so ,when i got free time..i'll surely crochething amigurumi..

i'm gonna make purin-chan next..
he so adorable and i can't resist to make him !!

purin is a sanrio character
purin mean pudding (i think..)

gonna make a lot of small amigurumi (easy and fast)
haha, my jiran really love rilakkuma amigurumi >w<
arigatou ne ~ 

my messy art

tadaa finish !!

i also bought some yarns..oh yarn price keep getting more and more expensive.. T^T
well maybe i should stop here...
see yaa !!

p/s : this should be yesterday post, hehe

Dara.com, Ray and Waffle Cake :)

Oyasuminasai !!
just feel like updating something..
before that i wanna say sorry because i rarely got time to stop by at your blogs >m<
but no need to worry meh, will follow you back soon ~
(please don't say i'm sombong(´・_・`) 

Went to bookstore with my mom and sis, i bought magazines again !!
Dara.com and Ray magazine :)

also got free sunsilk sample :)
if good, i wanna change my shampoo brand >,<

model of dara.com mag cover looks really pretty and cute >w<
hehe,i don't read both mag yet ~


Last Monday,i bought this waffles..hehe a little bit ketinggalan..
(i just know that waffles available in small size) (o_O)
they got 4 flavor i think and i bought 3 flavors 
orange, banana and chocolate..
you know what? the taste of that waffles so yummy that i could eat a dozen of it >w<

my most favorite flavor 

choose one !! 

Oh i always love talking about food, one of my obsession  o (◡‿◡)
so see ya in my next entry minna !!
chuuu ~    ~(^з^)-☆ 

p/s : already bought Lawak Kamus 14
have you got your copy ?

Green Apple Juice Diet :)

mood: happy and feel relax like that colorful balloons

Oh, sorry for not updating any entry for a few days..
i had been attacked by cold virus.. !! really tired and feel so helpless T^T
but now i finally recovered a little (thank'd god!!)

So, have you try that banana diet ??
me not yet try it because of the cold that i had been through..
or maybe i'll not try it because whenever i eat banana , my throat feel so damn HURT!!  -_-'
and with the help from GOOGLE,i manage to search many diet plans :)

i found this diet at this one blog..doesn't remember the link lol >___<
but i change the meal a little bit :)

Green Apple Diet

Oatmeal/Nestum or Horlicks

10.00 a.m snack
Green apple juice

Around 3.00 pm
Green Apple juice

Before 6.30 pm
Rice (a little only)
Protein (1 chicken/ fish)
vegetables soup

Before you going to sleep around 10.00 pm
Green apple juice

p/s : drink a lot of water (at least 3 liter a day)

i kinda like posting picture of food
source : weheartit

Oh, 3 times drinking apple juice !! well if you don't got time to blend the apple,just eat that apple
but you must remember that apple juice from the stores are not good..got too much sugar in it..
i'm too obsessed with all diet things..

by the way, next month we will be fasting >w<
i'm totally waiting for Ramadhan to come :)
oh,maybe i should stop here.. got no idea what to write anymore :(

time to sleep, oyasuminasai !!
sleep well minna

13 JUNE 2012

Good morning !! 
wow! for the 1st time i blog early today :)

oh well just a simple post about my favorite artist >w<
it's been a while since my last update about artist ~
oh! by the way don't forget to take your breakfast..
scramble egg and a cup of coffee would be nice ne ~

oh enough babbling mira-chan,hehe
i got a lot of work that has to be done..so i will stop here :)

by the way, happy birthday to lovely kei-chan !! 
oh he's already 24 years old, but still かわいい

Furuya Keita !!
 お誕生日おめでとう !!

Diet tips japanese style :)

i hope you all doing very fine ya :)
there're a lot of diet tips that i'm totally gonna share with you guys 
(i will make 2-3 entry about diet after this)

What is the first thing you must do before you start on dieting?
make a simple timetable,but the most important thing is you must follow your own schedule ne..

Don't forget to exercise (i know lot of you lazy to do the exercise right?)
i don't do the exercise, just clean up my house :)

Diet tips japanese style
oh, my sister's friend gave this tips so i think it might be useful for you guys to try it out.
so lets check this out (>w<)

only eat BANANA for your breakfast
and drink lukewarm water

p/s : banana can improve digestion and boost metabolism.
the fiber in it can promote the feeling of fullness and may block the absorption of some carbohydrates 

oh, eat me !! ^^

meal of your choice
make sure you don't eat lot during this to time, okay ?

Afternoon snack
a small and healthy snack are allowed around 3 pm :)

meal of your choice
must be take before 8 pm but i suggest you eat before 6 pm.
no dessert please (>__<)

that's a really simple diet plan eh? easy and totally cheap !!
its really works if you really wanna lose some weight :)
she lose a lot of weight and look so pretty with her body !

i'm gonna try this tips after this..
i already lose 6 kg (with my own strict diet plan)
and i'll share the tips with you guys if you want to try it out ne..(^w^)

enough typing , gonna sleep after this..

JUNE conversation :)

awww already 11:16 p.m...
tomorrow will be the last day of our holiday right friends ??
oh, i need 1 years holiday..LOL!

Lately the weather are not so great.. (hot+cold)
just don't have nothing to do because i can't watch TV for a few days >__<
why? because there's some problem due to my astro..oh why this always happen in my house ?? >m<

I've been crocheting during holidays..
so i try making a lot of amigurumi dolls and right now i'm trying to make hello kitty doll (request by my friend)
so here are my small hello kitty and cinnamaroll hair bands

coming soon !!

Oh, thanks for support my shop friends :)
i appreciate it so much !!!
and maybe i'll do a giveaway or contest soon :)
make sure you will be join it ~

see you in my next entry..sayonara minnasan (^w^)/

thanks for following me yaaa !!
ureshiii >///<

D.I.Y face mask and HIJABSTA Magazine

Hai minna ! finally it's Friday.. >3<
after updating my blog.i'm gonna play game..hehe
wanna level up my character LOL >0<

i already told you guys in the previous entry..
about face mask right ?
well here it is

bought at tokutokuya
only RM4.90

i really wanted to try the d.i.y face mask since last year..
but totally hard to find it -__-"
so finally i found it at tokutokuya..ureshii !! >3<

so i'm using green tea..they are good for your skin. :)

it's easy to make..you just need :
1 sachet of green tea
1 glass of hot water
after that put a little of hot green tea in a small bowl

the mask expand :)
sorry my camera phone are not in a good condition

haha,sorry guys..i'm not gonna upload my picture wearing the mask..
me look like SPIDERMAN..haha :)


Last wednesday , i bought new magazine :)
HIJABSTA only RM10 (this is intoduction edition)
Hijabsta will be release on JULY (i think)

Diana Amir on the cover :)

hijabsta style :)
so stylish and they got a lot of confident..

i'm totally gonna buy HIJABSTA magazine after this (>w<)
hijab girls let's buy this magazine !! 

okay, i'll stop here..gonna take some rest because i having breathing trouble last night..and i don't sleep until 5:45 a.m.. T.T

sayonara minna :)

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥