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Diet tips japanese style :)

i hope you all doing very fine ya :)
there're a lot of diet tips that i'm totally gonna share with you guys 
(i will make 2-3 entry about diet after this)

What is the first thing you must do before you start on dieting?
make a simple timetable,but the most important thing is you must follow your own schedule ne..

Don't forget to exercise (i know lot of you lazy to do the exercise right?)
i don't do the exercise, just clean up my house :)

Diet tips japanese style
oh, my sister's friend gave this tips so i think it might be useful for you guys to try it out.
so lets check this out (>w<)

only eat BANANA for your breakfast
and drink lukewarm water

p/s : banana can improve digestion and boost metabolism.
the fiber in it can promote the feeling of fullness and may block the absorption of some carbohydrates 

oh, eat me !! ^^

meal of your choice
make sure you don't eat lot during this to time, okay ?

Afternoon snack
a small and healthy snack are allowed around 3 pm :)

meal of your choice
must be take before 8 pm but i suggest you eat before 6 pm.
no dessert please (>__<)

that's a really simple diet plan eh? easy and totally cheap !!
its really works if you really wanna lose some weight :)
she lose a lot of weight and look so pretty with her body !

i'm gonna try this tips after this..
i already lose 6 kg (with my own strict diet plan)
and i'll share the tips with you guys if you want to try it out ne..(^w^)

enough typing , gonna sleep after this..

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CCICute Design said...

nyumm.. sume sedap n best.. ^_^

ameerul ashraf said...

entry ni comel..aha..follow cni #771

mieka said...

it was called banana diet ^^~
and i'm on it before but since i'm too lazy to buy the banana ..i stop the diet :P

demo..i've lost 4kg thanx to the banana^^
can u share ur diet plan??
arigato~ hee :)

Mira Kagimoto said...

@CCICute Design hehe btol2 sume sdap :D

Mira Kagimoto said...

@mieka wow 4 kg with banana diet ?? i must try lol :D
okay,i'll share my diet plan ne ;))

mieka said...

yep!!u should try it..but make sure exercise la..hehe

will be waiting^^

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥