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Amigurumi..GA coming soon ~

Hello friends..kekeke.
sorry lama tak update blog, no idea meyhh xDDD

Mira akan buat GA soon :)
hanya di facebook laa, hehe dekat blog buat masa ni stop kejap..
hadiah dia dah tentu "AMIGURUMI"

tak ada kerja tu sibuk menaip entry, sambil layan inkigayo yang akak rakam...
tak boring2x asyik layan je, kekeke..

Sekarang ni mira tengah sibuk mengait for 2nd event..
opps!! mira tak akan bagitau buat masa ni..nanti tau >,<
sambil-sambil tu nak buat GA lah..(entah ada yang mau join or tak??)

okaylah sampai sini je entry mira..nanti update lagi
wait for my GA tau !!

p/s : nak mengait dan mengait lagi..see yaaaa !!

Giveaway "I Love Peplum" by Nurin Aireen

wanna join a lot of segmen and giveaway..
when i got the chance :)
lets join this GA together ~

Stitch inspired

heyya guys !! hiw are you ??
its been a while since my last post eh..

if you wanna see my new amigurumi just look at my instagram..
take time to post it here..

i make a stitch amigurumi..hehe

Ramadhan will come soon, err 1 day to go right ??
are you ready ? :)
i can't wait for Ramadhan ~

just a short entry from me..
contact me here ya if you wanna order any dolls or custom dolls

LINE : miragikwang
WeChat : miragikwang
Instagram : mirakagimoto

Facebook : Izumi Shop (amigurumi)

Search for a LUCKY WINNER

source : weheartit

ooh, i keep updating using the same title..meh~ nevermind lah :)
how are you guys ??
actually i wanna ask, do you really want the kpop dolls or not..
i'm sorry, but its already 4th July and i'll not accept any details..
i'll search other winner or maybe a LUCKY WINNER ?? still not decide it >,<

aah, i just post to one of the winner..
she already received it, and i'm so happy !!
Onew inspired amigurumi already found the owner ~

i can't share the photo because my mobile doesn't have that photo ><
you can look at my instagram : mirakagimoto

who is this?? :)

by the way, i'll make a promotion..
buy rm40 and above , FREE POSTAGE :)

twitter : @mirakagimoto
facebook : Izumi Shop (amigurumi)
instagram : mirakagimoto
LINE : miragikwang

Bias Amigurumi :)

hello !! how are you ?? :)
Giveaway : DONE
hehe, i'll stop make a GA for awhile...
want to focus on other amigurumi project , weee~

i'm totally in love with kpop music..
especially BOY groups (me pervert LOL)
i listen to all of them, but right now i still got no time to make my own amigurumi...
especially my lovely oppa, GK >///<

already sent the gift to the one of the winner..
until 3rd July, if i didn't got winners details..i will make another GA at Facebook only :)

do you love kpop ? what group??
do share, mana lah tau tiba2 ade lucky winner yang akan mira pick jadi winner..
lagi-lagi if ade loyal readers, kekekeke....

guess3x...where's my lovely awesome oppa...
hahahah xDDD

everytime i look at his photos..
my heart pops out >///<

July has come, and i'm super waiting for the comeback 
money also fly away laa.. >,<

lemme share all the kpop amigurumi that already been done by me
i'll not upload the GA dolls yet :)

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥