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ooh, i keep updating using the same title..meh~ nevermind lah :)
how are you guys ??
actually i wanna ask, do you really want the kpop dolls or not..
i'm sorry, but its already 4th July and i'll not accept any details..
i'll search other winner or maybe a LUCKY WINNER ?? still not decide it >,<

aah, i just post to one of the winner..
she already received it, and i'm so happy !!
Onew inspired amigurumi already found the owner ~

i can't share the photo because my mobile doesn't have that photo ><
you can look at my instagram : mirakagimoto

who is this?? :)

by the way, i'll make a promotion..
buy rm40 and above , FREE POSTAGE :)

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Nabila Medan said...

bagi saya je la. haha xD

Lady ★ Hanna said...

hehee :) nak jugak.. nak top big bang ;) hehee

aku eryati said...


Mirtha Zambrano said...

Hi! Nice blog! I follow you :) visit my amigurumi's blog

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