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Bias Amigurumi :)

hello !! how are you ?? :)
Giveaway : DONE
hehe, i'll stop make a GA for awhile...
want to focus on other amigurumi project , weee~

i'm totally in love with kpop music..
especially BOY groups (me pervert LOL)
i listen to all of them, but right now i still got no time to make my own amigurumi...
especially my lovely oppa, GK >///<

already sent the gift to the one of the winner..
until 3rd July, if i didn't got winners details..i will make another GA at Facebook only :)

do you love kpop ? what group??
do share, mana lah tau tiba2 ade lucky winner yang akan mira pick jadi winner..
lagi-lagi if ade loyal readers, kekekeke....

guess3x...where's my lovely awesome oppa...
hahahah xDDD

everytime i look at his photos..
my heart pops out >///<

July has come, and i'm super waiting for the comeback 
money also fly away laa.. >,<

lemme share all the kpop amigurumi that already been done by me
i'll not upload the GA dolls yet :)

4 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

Nisha said...

Comelnyaa :D

Maru Maru :3 said...

akak minat kikwang kan ? hikhik :D

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Nisha hehe, thank you !! :)

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Maru Maru :3 yep2, haha kikwang forever ~ >///<

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