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Oh My Hazy Giveaway talk about :)

Heyya how are you guys..
the haze nowadays keep getting worse day by day..
i hope you guys don't forget to wear a disposal mask , especially at my place Port Dickson ~

old photos , kekeke >,<

i would like to say thank you for joining my giveaway, even though only 2 contestant..
right i'm totally a busy bee..haha, orders, gift for GA, my 2nd mission..

ngeh3x, i keep asking myself.."y no people wanna join my ga"
you not a kpop lovers ? or you are so shy ??
omo~ no need to be shy my lovely readers/followers..

maybe i'll make a GA at FB after this , tee hee but not now of course..
okay , lets focus on the entry..
actually, mira nak bagi hadiah dekat sape2 je yang join, but yang join 2 orang je..
so i'll give the present to both of the cuties..
one is a shawol, and the other one is V.I.P (^__^)

Nisha - GA
Nad - GA

My most favorite group is Beast !!

can you guess my lovely bias ?? haha
i'm super duper love him, the eye smile he make..always making my heart pops out..
kekekeke xDDD

okay for the winners, do send me..all the details at my facebook : Mira Kagimoto (message of course)
Name :
Address :
Hp No. :

thank you !!!

2 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

miss fifi said...

ugh I missed it -_- anyway, just to answer your question, I think you should've blogwalked a lil bit to invite others to join it :)

Asma Hamid said...

i thought habis on the 30th of june. :( was about to make my entry... :( alaaa. nevermind hehe.

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