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Mira's Kpop GIVEAWAY

another giveaway by me, but the closing date won't take a long time :)
i'll post the GA rules in ENGLISH and MALAY..

15 JUNE -END (edited)

Rules :
>>Must be a follower of my blog "Miss Rainbow"

>>Like my page : IZUMI SHOP (amigurumi)

>>Make an entry about "MIRA'S KPOP GIVEAWAY"

>>Please include you favorite kpop artist, and if your artist happen to be a group/band please pick only one which is your ultimate bias :)

>>Do tell me WHY you like he/she

>>Put the banner and link it to my blog

>>Finish? Leave your link at this entry comment 

>>Don't forget to include how i can i contact you if you win ~

In Malay (for those who don't understand)

>>Follower blog mira "Miss Rainbow"

>>Like page mira : IZUMI SHOP (amigurumi)

>>Sila sertakan gambar artis kpop favorite korang, if kumpulan sila pastikan korang pick 1  je ahli kumpulan tu, maksudnye yang paling korang minat :)

>>Beritahu kenapa korang korang suke artis tu

>>Letakkan banner and link kan ke blog mira

>>Siap? Tinggalkan link korang dekat entry ni

>>Jangan lupa sertakan macam mana mira nak contact if korang menang ~

free to tag anybody and you can also promote the giveaway~

The prize is an amigurumi of your bias ^3^/
do join yaaaa !!! ^__^

if you don't understand just pm me at izumi shop page :)
you can look at this blogger entry as example ~

4 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

Nisha said...

http://hadiahbintangjatuh.blogspot.com/2013/06/miras-kpop-giveaway.html Joined ^_^

Nadratul Syazwana said...

Salam :) Nad join..


Nur Danny said...

maaf,link hari tu tak boleh pakai..
ni link baru

Nurin Aireen said...

alaaa tak sempat join :(

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