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What do you think about another GIVEAWAY ?

Hello bloggers , how are you ?? i hope all of you are doing really fine :)
just posted the gift yesterday, huhu sorry because i took a lot of time for posting it >,<
too busy and got a really short time , but finally i posted it..
please don't talk bad about me if i post out anything late, sometime i really don't have enough time.. :(

i got 2 projects in my mind, i want to accomplished it..
1 by 1 of course..
i wanna make a giveaway once more this year, would you join it??
please join yaa..hahaha

the other project still a secret , been planning this event for such a long time..
i hope it will success !! good luck mira-chan :)

thanks also for ordering craft with me, promoted my shop..
thank you so much !! appreciate it so much ~
i love you guys so muchhhh , daisuki >///<v

short update from me ..

do comment yaa :)

for any order just contact me her..
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