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Lawak Kampus 16 by Keith

I'm no.1 fan of Keith !!
keep collecting all his artworks, love the way he make the readers laughing..
all his comic strips is up to date with our everyday life routine..
Lawak Kampus is awesome..i collected all of the series :)

Just bought the newest Lawak Kampus..
it's already the 16th graphic novel!
The cover is so cute, big bang style..haha
my friends from other country said they want it..
ask me to buy it for them,wow they totally love the cover eh.. ^^

didn't read the Lawak Kampus 16 yet, and can't wait to read it..
have you bought it? Hurry up & go grab it at the nearest bookstores at your place ~

Who is your most favorite character in Lawak Kampus ?
i like Vanness and Aditas , hehe

i'm die hard fan of Keith ,haha
Lawak kampus lovers keep supporting Keith !!


picture of the day, i'm gonna post the gift today or maybe tomorrow..
this gift is for mira's superheroes contest winner :3

p/s: well, i'm gonna update this blog often , promise!
       (haha i lied) >0<

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The Tales of Loving Bunny "LOVE-CHAN"

tales of the loving bunny known as LOVE-CHAN (read it as you were reading a fairytale stories..lol)

it all begun when a humble person(LOL) working her hardworking hands to create a cute white bunny that is full of love and happiness..a creation that was already famous and known by a lot of people..

it was a really hard work to do since there were no reference to be made but the master would not give up..thus amigurumi Love-chan was born..not a perfection but it was a start..to a better creation..and she was named Grandma Love bunny..

love-chan bunny was all alone for a certain time..she was the only love bunnies in the Izumi Shop land..but then, the master was asked to create another love bunnies because there were people who actually wanted to buy and keep them in their houses..so,the master created more love bunnies..they were the same love bunnies but they appeared to be different than grandma love bunny..they were smaller and much more tidy..

 everybody loved the love bunny, they appreciate the cuteness that the bunnies bring to them..but it did not stop there for a newer love bunnies were created..

this latest love bunny is the most perfect one i must say..it is much, much smaller and much, much cuter..and by saying that i guess they're the last creation for the love bunny clan..they are much more convenient to be taken absolutely anywhere..

and one last thing..this new love bunnies are already in the Izumi Shop land and waiting for you to bring they home..they are cheaper than the earlier love bunnies..yes, i know people just love cheap dolls..so, don't forget to make your orders..you won't regret it..


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Who's the new kid in Amigurumi world?

who's in town?.

yeay, finally a new doll in town..he's the new addition to the izumi shop amigurumi dolls..but, can you guess who he is?.yes, it's a he..he's blue in colour..he wears a big round aviator goggles, a tan coloured aviator cap.he is 5 yeras old..a leader in his group of friends..he loves trying to fly, although he can't and play practical jokes on his friends..lives in a pine-tree house with his friend - a dinosaur..oh yes, he's from korea..

can you guess it?..no?..it's none other than.....(drum roll)

and here's my version of pororo :)


pororo is available in izumi shop now in case you guys wanna make an order..you guys will love this cute penguin..

korean version of pororo intro :)

i will sell the pattern international soon on etsy & craftsy..

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Life talk

Maybe i need to update more often, reading others entry..
following more blogs..

yeah, i will do all of that after i finish all my project..
so today i will start with an entry about my life..

Just celebrated my 21st birthday last month..
thanks to all my friends for the wishes , i'm happy !!
my sister gave me Captain America figure , i love it so much since i'm a lover of Steve Rogers..haha
while my mom gave me The A-Team DVD , yeahhh!! my most favorite film >3<

i'm so damn excited !!
it's 2010 film ,but who care as long i like it :)

i just start collecting DVD that featured Liam Neeson in it :)
haha, i'm totally a lover to thriller & action film ~

oh, by the way thanks for those who always support me in my life..
Izumi Shop had gained more LIKES !! thank you!

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Winner of Mira's Superheroes Contest

Hey guys, sorry for not updating anything :)
just too busy with life..(well everybody busy with their own life, right? )
well , i'm late reading the contestant entries and just read it today..
already choose the winner.. :)

Thank you for joining my contest..
menang or kalah tu memang adatlah kan..
jangan sedih or geram if tak menang, mungkin i'll make a giveaway next year..
just wait for it..

All the entries was so great and awesome..
some of the bloggers totally creative in using words.. ^^
it's a lie , if korang cakap tak pernah minat superhero..
maksudnya, masa kecik2 lah.. :)

My most favorite superheroes are Captain America & Ironman..
i love Captain America since i was 6 years old..
playing the game :)

Ironman is awesome and i love Tony Stark :)

i kinda love the body
LOL, i'm pervert ! >///<

Other contestant also great , please join my GA next time :)

Winner can you please contact me..? 
dalam masa 3 hari ye, or i'll choose other winner :)

p/s : next time i'll post the picture of the prize >3<

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥