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Lawak Kampus 16 by Keith

I'm no.1 fan of Keith !!
keep collecting all his artworks, love the way he make the readers laughing..
all his comic strips is up to date with our everyday life routine..
Lawak Kampus is awesome..i collected all of the series :)

Just bought the newest Lawak Kampus..
it's already the 16th graphic novel!
The cover is so cute, big bang style..haha
my friends from other country said they want it..
ask me to buy it for them,wow they totally love the cover eh.. ^^

didn't read the Lawak Kampus 16 yet, and can't wait to read it..
have you bought it? Hurry up & go grab it at the nearest bookstores at your place ~

Who is your most favorite character in Lawak Kampus ?
i like Vanness and Aditas , hehe

i'm die hard fan of Keith ,haha
Lawak kampus lovers keep supporting Keith !!


picture of the day, i'm gonna post the gift today or maybe tomorrow..
this gift is for mira's superheroes contest winner :3

p/s: well, i'm gonna update this blog often , promise!
       (haha i lied) >0<

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3 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

Anonymous said...

hahaha dengan tak semena-mena adidas ada rmbut :P

tak sabar nk beli nii

lynndamya said...

yarhhhhh me tooo !!!! >_< hihi

Noora Niikura said...

i love big bang..and i haven;t read that graphic novel yet..by the way, i had updated my blog..do come by okay.. :)

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