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The Tales of Loving Bunny "LOVE-CHAN"

tales of the loving bunny known as LOVE-CHAN (read it as you were reading a fairytale stories..lol)

it all begun when a humble person(LOL) working her hardworking hands to create a cute white bunny that is full of love and happiness..a creation that was already famous and known by a lot of people..

it was a really hard work to do since there were no reference to be made but the master would not give up..thus amigurumi Love-chan was born..not a perfection but it was a start..to a better creation..and she was named Grandma Love bunny..

love-chan bunny was all alone for a certain time..she was the only love bunnies in the Izumi Shop land..but then, the master was asked to create another love bunnies because there were people who actually wanted to buy and keep them in their houses..so,the master created more love bunnies..they were the same love bunnies but they appeared to be different than grandma love bunny..they were smaller and much more tidy..

 everybody loved the love bunny, they appreciate the cuteness that the bunnies bring to them..but it did not stop there for a newer love bunnies were created..

this latest love bunny is the most perfect one i must say..it is much, much smaller and much, much cuter..and by saying that i guess they're the last creation for the love bunny clan..they are much more convenient to be taken absolutely anywhere..

and one last thing..this new love bunnies are already in the Izumi Shop land and waiting for you to bring they home..they are cheaper than the earlier love bunnies..yes, i know people just love cheap dolls..so, don't forget to make your orders..you won't regret it..


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4 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

Noora Niikura said...

i just <3 love-chan..i had tons of them in my closet..

Aisyah Jane said...

akak jual ek

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Noora Niikura owh, u should order 1 ne :) hehe

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Aisyah Jane yup jual :)

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