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Life talk

Maybe i need to update more often, reading others entry..
following more blogs..

yeah, i will do all of that after i finish all my project..
so today i will start with an entry about my life..

Just celebrated my 21st birthday last month..
thanks to all my friends for the wishes , i'm happy !!
my sister gave me Captain America figure , i love it so much since i'm a lover of Steve Rogers..haha
while my mom gave me The A-Team DVD , yeahhh!! my most favorite film >3<

i'm so damn excited !!
it's 2010 film ,but who care as long i like it :)

i just start collecting DVD that featured Liam Neeson in it :)
haha, i'm totally a lover to thriller & action film ~

oh, by the way thanks for those who always support me in my life..
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