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Who's the new kid in Amigurumi world?

who's in town?.

yeay, finally a new doll in town..he's the new addition to the izumi shop amigurumi dolls..but, can you guess who he is?.yes, it's a he..he's blue in colour..he wears a big round aviator goggles, a tan coloured aviator cap.he is 5 yeras old..a leader in his group of friends..he loves trying to fly, although he can't and play practical jokes on his friends..lives in a pine-tree house with his friend - a dinosaur..oh yes, he's from korea..

can you guess it?..no?..it's none other than.....(drum roll)

and here's my version of pororo :)


pororo is available in izumi shop now in case you guys wanna make an order..you guys will love this cute penguin..

korean version of pororo intro :)

i will sell the pattern international soon on etsy & craftsy..

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FaLya said...

awesome!! how much?

Mira Kagimoto said...

@FaLya thanks! , it is cheap & affordable ~ :)just pm me if you wanna make an order ^^

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