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LEAD : Happy 10th Anniversary !!

Happy 10th anniversary for my idol

i love them since i was 11, and now i'm already 20++ 
haha i can't believe it's had been 10 years already >w<
they totally my music ~

love at the first sight 
i keep these picture for such a long time !
their debut was in July 2002
2002 picture

they just relesed their 6th album 
Now or Never
already grown up right ^^
2012 picture

well, i love you guys so much especially Kagimoto Akira !!

shinya hiroki akira keita

Mira LOVE Lead
support you forever !!

Random talk : Ramadhan and Menu

Hey guys !!
i rarely update during Ramadhan..
hmm..maybe because of i'm too busy working and got a lots of amigurumi orders..
so tired..but want money must work hard right, hehe..

So, i wanna talk about iftar menu..
which one you guys prefer (cooking or just buying at bazaar ramadhan?)
me? i prefer both..haha XD
but sometime when we are buying at bazaar ramadhan, money waste will be the problem..
so we should cook more than just buying LOL..

Luckily i still manage to control my diet during fasting month..
even thought i eat like a monster sometimes..hehe
i lose 1 more kg.. (happy!!)
so all the total of my weight lose is 11 kg..

I really wanna share my picture before diet and after diet..
but because there're a lots of bad/noneducational people in internet..i cancel it.
maybe someday LOL.. :)

gonna update about my LEAD !! >3<

Sophie Magic Pink (natural pink cheek)

Hai guys, it's been a while i don't post any entry
why?? because i'm damn too busy !!
and sorry for the winners of my GA
(i've to sent the present a little bit late due to my busy situation)

Okay, focus on the entry :)

a few days ago i was reading other blogs entry and i found out about a special product..
i read  about sophie magic pink at fyna blog..
you should go to her blog to read the review about the product :)

instantly i make the order, hehe..
for raya , got sales LOL..only RM10
normal price is RM15..

the packaging quite cute right
make your cheek naturally pink
凄い!! (>w<)

The texture of the cream are so light and soft ~
i try it today, and the cream blush are totally long lasting !!

Natural blush LOL ^^
i don't know if you can see it or not
but the color are totally making my cheek pinky
tee hee LOVE it
(i don't like posting my un-edit pic

The owner of the shop are totally kind and reply my message so fast
 (that's what i like)
if you wanna try it out go to her page : MIMO MOMI
next time i wanna try lip tint pulakk..hehe

enough for today, see ya in my next entry.. 

Hijabista August Issue :)

Hey guys !! what are you doing right now?
(err..i should sleep right now because need to wake up for sahur)

Okay, will sleep after typing this entry,hehe
i'm totally in love with this magazine , HIJABISTA 
just bought the august issue, yesterday..
and Dian Pelangi as the cover.. (she's totally gorgeous!)
so colorful !! (you must buy it LOL)

Lots of pretty fashion :)
and the models are cute too,hehe XD

kawaii and colorful right ?
RM10 only (quite cheap right?)
i LOVE hijabista !!

Thank you for reading,  see ya next time !
sayonara ~ >w<

Mira-chan Giveaway Result

お元気ですか? (^__^)

Oh, i make this post earlier because i will be going to Seremban and will be back at 4 or 5 p.m
so thanks again for joining my Giveaway..i appreciate it :) 

Luckily ,i already finish check all the link..
before i announce the winner, don't be sad if you don't win it..
i will surely make a contest after this.. (no more giveaway for awhile)

I don't put all the link in this entry because i already save it in my notepad :)
so , don't think i'm lying ya..
(i don't got time for lying LOL)

here's the 1st place winner :

Congrats !! >w< 

2nd place goes to :

dear winners, can you give me your 
hp no.
message to my FB

Selamat Berpuasa 

Giveaway by Mira-chan !

i hope all of you doing very fine ne ~
Tadaa!! i will present you, my 2nd giveaway !!
Yay! hope you will join it :)

Follow this rules 
Follower of my blog "Miss Rainbow"
Like this page : IZUMI SHOP 
Make an entry about "Giveaway by Mira-chan "
Put the banner and link it to my blog 
Finish? leave your link at this entry comment 
Don't forget to include your FB name (not the link of your FB,just the name)

Okay some of you maybe don't quite understand the rules so i post it back in BM

Peraturan :
Follow blog "Miss Rainbow"
Like page ni : IZUMI SHOP
Buat entry tentang "Giveaway by Mira-chan"
Letak banner dekat atas and linkkan ke blog Mira
Siap? tinggakan link entry giveaway korang dekat entry ni.
Sertakan nama FB korang sekali (tak nak link FB tau,nama sahaja)

make it easy for me to contact you :)
Oh i'm totally forgot..the prizes of course the amigurumi dolls!
i'm not gonna tell you what doll it is (it's a secret)

i will choose to winners using random :)
1st winner will got: 3x amigurumi
2nd winner will get : 2x amigurumi
This giveaway will end on :
20 JULY 2012
(6.00 p.m)

i will announce the winner on :
21 JULY 2012
(2:00 p.m)

Sorry it take a little time to announce the winner because i need to check all the link :)

arigato my followers 

Attention !!
Mira just minta nama you guys dekat FB
bukan LINK ye 
thank you for your cooperation :)


Hai guys ! *me updating while cleaning up my house
2 in 1 job,haha..
really short entry la, because got a lot of work to do !

For your infomation, the giveaway will end today at 6.00 p.m
so hurry join it , while it still open :)
i'll not accept the link that being post after 6.00 p.m
totally sorry ya !!

and i'll be posting the result tomorrow, so stay tuned ~
who will be the winner eh (well it's random lol)
okay, good luck everyone >w<

We all know that, we'll be fasting tomorrow..
time flies really fast right...
oh never mind..just wanna say ~

sama-samalah kita menjalani ibadat puasa ye kawan-kawan

oh, got a lot of work to right now !!
see you in my next entry :)


about Giveaway and LEAD [NOW or NEVER]

Hai !! i didn't update too often lately eh..
really busy with my life (of course work)..
oh well, "tired" will always be my friend forever :)

check all the link of my giveaways
thank you sweetie..for all the cute entry

 ありがとうございます!for joining my GIVEAWAY !!
i was a bit shock because so many bloggers join my giveaway ~
feel so happy and so excited !!

What make me more excited is my favorite group, LEAD will be releasing their 6th album tomorrow !!
kyaaaa~ i'm waiting to receive my copy (>w<)

Hiroki  Keita  Akira  Shinya  !!
 you so much !! >////<

10 years loving them
can't live without Lead music and dance !!

Oh,actually i wanna tell you, the giveaway will END soon
so, for those yang tak join lagi..make sure join ya !!
3 more days left :))

i still don't know what amigurumi should i make for the giveaway..
any ideas guys ?? :)

see you later in my next entry !!
sayonara !!! (>w<)

Normal talk about Food & Make-up

Hai guys!! how are you ?

Udon cook by me!!
will share the recipe soon!

Just a short entry from me :)
hehe,the entry sound weird XD
Thank you so much for all of you ,that join my GIVEAWAY!!
i think the rules are so damn easy to follow right? (still got a few follower that don't understand)

oh and also thank you for those who make a really nice entry about my giveaway :)
that so sweet!! i appreciate it..

LOL,its been a while i didn't write any entry..too BUSY laa ~
i miss talking about make-up, skin care stuff..etc.
haha, i think i forgot how to wear eyelashes (too long not wearing it!!)

okay,this is a short conversation about make up :)
so,if you don't really into make-up..just click the x button >3<

hey girls!! when is your most favorite part during make up time ??
me? i love when i'm putting on the blusher >3<
really like pinky cheeks !!

hmm, i ♥ circle lens !! make your eyes look like a kawaii doll
your favorite color of circle lens miss??

oh maybe when i got time i'll make an entry about my favorite make-up style ne :)
right busy with the giveaway (crochet and crochet) -__-"


was having a great time with my nieces last Saturday 
Dayang Raihanna, Dayang Dalila & Dayang Syakirah

How and With Who i Learn Crocheting

Hey guys..
thank you for following me and i'll surely follow you back soon !!
not to forget,i'm gonna make a giveaway very soon (yay!my 2nd giveaway)
so make sure all of you join it ya ! 

Okay, lot of my friends ask me
 "mira, where do you learn crocheting?"
"with who eh you learn this?"

a lot of questions that i surely can't reply it all.
so i will make an entry about it :) 

i really love watching my mommy crochet a lot of useful stuff such as dishcloths, 12" squares , home decor..etc..

my 1st sister also very expert in crocheting (she learns from mommy)
she love to crochet baby stuff, bags , flowers :)

i wanna learn it since i was in primary school..
my mommy try to teach me but too bad i'am left-handed..
so i can't learn it at that time T^T

I'm so happy today because of the help of internet i manage to learn 'how to crochet"
thank you YOUTUBE for making my wish come true !
Okay,left-handed friends!! if you wanna learn this..just search at youtube
type this : "basic crochet for left-handed"

Practice Make Perfect! Ganbatte

this was my 1st time making the amigurumi
(gosh!totally ugly)

i practice everyday, buying a lot of patterns..
so tired,but i'm satisfied with my art, hehe

my latest amigurumi

  amigurumi so much !!
no need to waste a lot of money buying the present for someone,
just make the amigurumi of their favorite character..hehe

if you wanna ask something just leave comment ya..i'll reply it a.s.a.p !

LIke my page IZUMI SHOP
of course after this giveaway the present will be the amigurumi 

sayonara !! see you next time :))

Mid year giveaway !

it's been a while since i join any giveaway ;)

today i wanna join this awesome giveaway !!
let's join it ~  

oh i want it !! >w<   

the giveaway will end on 4 August

July and Twitter

Good bye JUNE,and dear JULY please be nice to me :)
i don't got anything to say ,so i just update anything that come out instantly from my mind,hehe.

Ramadhan is getting near as well :)

i just wanna talk about twitter..
event thought i already got twitter account since last year,i still don't know how to use it..
you can call me dumb or whatever LOL...
but maybe this month i wanna be active on twitter 
(talk about rubbish thing !!,haha )

So girls and boys,you can follow my twitter here :
and we can chit chat about almost anything, i don't mind ne~

So can i follow your twitter ?? (>3<)
oh, should stop here..sayonara minna !! 

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥