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Normal talk about Food & Make-up

Hai guys!! how are you ?

Udon cook by me!!
will share the recipe soon!

Just a short entry from me :)
hehe,the entry sound weird XD
Thank you so much for all of you ,that join my GIVEAWAY!!
i think the rules are so damn easy to follow right? (still got a few follower that don't understand)

oh and also thank you for those who make a really nice entry about my giveaway :)
that so sweet!! i appreciate it..

LOL,its been a while i didn't write any entry..too BUSY laa ~
i miss talking about make-up, skin care stuff..etc.
haha, i think i forgot how to wear eyelashes (too long not wearing it!!)

okay,this is a short conversation about make up :)
so,if you don't really into make-up..just click the x button >3<

hey girls!! when is your most favorite part during make up time ??
me? i love when i'm putting on the blusher >3<
really like pinky cheeks !!

hmm, i ♥ circle lens !! make your eyes look like a kawaii doll
your favorite color of circle lens miss??

oh maybe when i got time i'll make an entry about my favorite make-up style ne :)
right busy with the giveaway (crochet and crochet) -__-"


was having a great time with my nieces last Saturday 
Dayang Raihanna, Dayang Dalila & Dayang Syakirah

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Dieya Collection said...

sodapnyee :)
nak sikit.kecur air liur :))

iyka syafika said...

waaaa,..sedapnye nmpk mknn di ats tu

Ardini Humaira said...

betul3... normal :D

Mrs Velentine said...

cute2 3 dyg 2

Mira Kagimoto said...


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