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Random talk : Ramadhan and Menu

Hey guys !!
i rarely update during Ramadhan..
hmm..maybe because of i'm too busy working and got a lots of amigurumi orders..
so tired..but want money must work hard right, hehe..

So, i wanna talk about iftar menu..
which one you guys prefer (cooking or just buying at bazaar ramadhan?)
me? i prefer both..haha XD
but sometime when we are buying at bazaar ramadhan, money waste will be the problem..
so we should cook more than just buying LOL..

Luckily i still manage to control my diet during fasting month..
even thought i eat like a monster sometimes..hehe
i lose 1 more kg.. (happy!!)
so all the total of my weight lose is 11 kg..

I really wanna share my picture before diet and after diet..
but because there're a lots of bad/noneducational people in internet..i cancel it.
maybe someday LOL.. :)

gonna update about my LEAD !! >3<

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