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Hijabista August Issue :)

Hey guys !! what are you doing right now?
(err..i should sleep right now because need to wake up for sahur)

Okay, will sleep after typing this entry,hehe
i'm totally in love with this magazine , HIJABISTA 
just bought the august issue, yesterday..
and Dian Pelangi as the cover.. (she's totally gorgeous!)
so colorful !! (you must buy it LOL)

Lots of pretty fashion :)
and the models are cute too,hehe XD

kawaii and colorful right ?
RM10 only (quite cheap right?)
i LOVE hijabista !!

Thank you for reading,  see ya next time !
sayonara ~ >w<

2 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

wow..sounds look great..i love this magazine too..=)

lynndAmya said...

haha, belum pernah lg beli mag ni, tgk mmg nmpk cm best..nt lah pinjam kawan :p, eh btw selamat berpuasa ye :) jemput singgah blog, hehe

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