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ami - Lovey-Dovey Bunny :)

AMi-chan Story

Hello ~
next time if i make a new amigurumi or talk about amigurumi the title for the entry will be "ami"
sorry for not updating my blog for few days..
I've been busy try to make a new patterns for izumi shop..

Thanks to readers of my blog , friends who also my lovely customer for making me make a new kind of doll, hehe..
after my last entry , i got a lot of request make a bear, bunny , domo, penguin..etc..

Alhamdulilah, thank you Allah :)

So, this is a request from my customer..
it's is inspired by an Easter bunny made by a crocheter and uh i don't remember the link of her blog..
i tried to make it and tadaaa !!

Lovey-Dovey Bunny !!

other pictures of the bunny :)

hehe they got tail okay.. 
big whitey tail >w<
i made the inner ear using pink colored yarn also, but if you don't know how to do it..just use felt..
(i'm totally a failure in felting craft world,haha) XD

Yay or Nay ?
if you love it, just make the order via my Izumi Shop 

Some people said , mira jual amigurumi mahal sangat..
is that true ? 
kalau rasa mahal, silalah survey dekat online shop lain :)

Thank you for reading ~ :)
will update order new dolls later.. ^^ 

p/s : the pattern of this Lovey-Dovey Bunny originally made by me :)
        i don't copy others pattern

Raya with Bestie :)

Holla ~
1 entry a day :)

My best friend, Elyn went to my house last Thursday with her Mom, brother, niece and her boyfriend..
1 year i didn't met her..and hari raya buat kitorang jumpa balik :)
she still the same like i met her 2 years ago..
before went home, she gave me a lot of mask and a lipstick (house of healin brand)

i'm gonna make a review
if i got time :)

and of course i went to her house last Saturday ~
she always chirpy like always..hehe
we talked and laughed a lot..(miss her damn much!!)

Oh well, we promise to hangout together sometimes..
take a lot of pictures of course, hehe..

thank you! Elyn for inviting me to your house !!
we will meet again ya ~ TwT

hehe, thanks for reading my entry :)
sayonara ~

attention my dear customer yang belum buat payment
silalah wat payment sebelum hari Khamis (30/08/2012)
i wanna post all the dolls on Khamis
Thank you :)

conversation :)

Hai ~
how are you?

well tomorrow already Monday..NO !!
i still got a lot of work to finish >w<
tired and at the same time feel happy sbout something, hehe :)

trying to make a new pattern
request from a customer :)

well, off to bed
good night

Rawr (amigurumi) at Izumi Shop !!

Hello everybody :)

just wanna post an entry about Rawr 
do you know what is Rawr ?
LOL of course it is a dinosaur ,you silly milly..

my lovely customer ask me if i can make a rawr doll..
and she also sent me a photo of the dino..

at that time i was thinking "hmm..can i do it ??"
well it took me 3 days for making the dino doll 
lets see the process :)

mirror mirror on the wall
who's the prettiest of them all
of course me , RAWR !!

making the hand and the stomach :)

finishing the super kawaii spikes

Tadaa !!
waiting for the owner to take me home

love rawr ? just make the order via izumi shop << click the link..
and if you wanna make a custom order of your favorite character, just pm me ya..
i'll try to satisfy all my lovely customer order :)

wanna try making luffy from one piece after this >w<

see ya, sayonara ~

p/s : don't take any photos of mine..

Crochet and Knit Talk (amigurumi)

Feel so sleepy and lazy LOL..
the weather sometimes very hot and cold >w<

Thanks for those yang order amigurumi promotion with me :)
really appreciate it !!
bukan selalu buat free postage ni (hurry up place your order ya!!)
but if you buy more the merrier LOL..
i will make sure you got a free gift for those yang beli lebih doll..

Oh, i'm in the process of making a new doll..
wanna try making a Kogepan (my old times favorite character)

kogepan is sooo like me
"easy to depress"
hehe >3<

Tenorikuma also in my list of new doll
already try making this, can't wait to sell it at my page..

and many more characters :

Just wait for the dolls to be post at IZUMI SHOP !!
for those yang tak dapat cari page izumi shop..
just type dekat search fb tu "izumi shop"

actually i really love making sanrio or san-x character :)
are you a lover of these characters too ?? 

so, stay tuned okay guys !!
sayonara !! X)

p/s: promotion still berjalan seperti biasa until 20/08
all the payment via bank in 
thanks :)

Amigurumi Promotion !!

Hey guys !! how are you ?
rarely update my blog because busy with amigurumi orders, work..etc..

Actually i wanna do this promotion since July...
but been busy and don't got time to promote it, hehe

So, today i'm gonna make a promo -
FREE POSTAGE for any amigurumi !!
only for the festive season (until 20/08)
hurry up place your order !!
p/s: making an amigurumi takes time, so if you are not a patient person, please do not order.

Just text me via my shop page IZUMI SHOP 
(like my page also ya,hehe)
easy right ? ^^

for your information, POS LAJU will only sent parcel until 13/08..
after that date,you will receive your parcel..erm maybe after Hari Raya LOL..

currently busy working on customer orders and present for the winners..
(i'm so sorry!! totally busy with other work >__<)

anyways, place your order ya!!
just choose your favorite doll and i'll start making it :)
new item will be upload after Hari Raya ~

sayonara !!
chuu ~ >3<

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥