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Crochet and Knit Talk (amigurumi)

Feel so sleepy and lazy LOL..
the weather sometimes very hot and cold >w<

Thanks for those yang order amigurumi promotion with me :)
really appreciate it !!
bukan selalu buat free postage ni (hurry up place your order ya!!)
but if you buy more the merrier LOL..
i will make sure you got a free gift for those yang beli lebih doll..

Oh, i'm in the process of making a new doll..
wanna try making a Kogepan (my old times favorite character)

kogepan is sooo like me
"easy to depress"
hehe >3<

Tenorikuma also in my list of new doll
already try making this, can't wait to sell it at my page..

and many more characters :

Just wait for the dolls to be post at IZUMI SHOP !!
for those yang tak dapat cari page izumi shop..
just type dekat search fb tu "izumi shop"

actually i really love making sanrio or san-x character :)
are you a lover of these characters too ?? 

so, stay tuned okay guys !!
sayonara !! X)

p/s: promotion still berjalan seperti biasa until 20/08
all the payment via bank in 
thanks :)

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥