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T.O.P (bigbang) inspired dolls , its kpop time ~

Trololo since i was sick (eye problem), don't got time to type anything here..
i'm sorry guys T.T

almost forgot , anyone care to join my GA, only a few days left :)
"Thanks a LOT" for joining my GA, really appreciate it, tee hee..
i read all the blogs, some of you really got a great & creative sepatah dua kata,hehe..

right now, just preparing the gift for my mini GA and orders for batch 4 :)
also busy trying new style of dolls..my latest project gitulah..hehehe

Amigurumi Project : KPOP/JPOP Idols amigurumi

can you give me any cadangan, waht dolls should i make?
what is your favorite kpop idols? sharelah :)
boleh mira try kait..tak pon artist hollywood, bollywood..hehe artist malaysia pon boleh :)
just tell me ;
Artist name :
MV tittle :

korang minat infinite , exo, lee min ho , snsd, big bang or maybe other idols..
do share yaa ^^

Requested by Noora unnie
T.O.P (running man outfit version)

here's another snap,hehe :)

thank goodness, she love it..i put a lot of effort for making it :)
will update more later, just stay tuned ~

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especially for online shop yang jual kpop unofficial item bolehlah beli borong dari mira
of course i'll give a special price :)

bye !!

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