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amigurumi post #4 - orders

Hey guys !! it's been a while since my last post..
i have neglected my blog because of too many orders from my brother friends :)

For Hari Keusahawanan at Matriks Kuala Pilah, my brother had orders 50 ++ dolls from me..
and i really hope all the dolls will be love by the students..especially female students, hehe

A few days ago my brother text me and he said that my dolls sold like a hot cakes..
haha, i'm so happy and really grateful.. alhamdulilah.

i make a few type of dolls for brother to sell..

> rilakkuma
> korilakkuma
> onigiri (girl)
> onigiri (boy
> rainbow bears
> rila & kori in a mushroom costume
> love-chan (mini size)

let me share the photos with you guys ^^

i'm so tired, but managed to finish it..

p/s : u guys can also make orders at my shop page IZUMI SHOP (amigurumi)

can anyone edit my blog? nak edit full blog, tapi tak jadi kot..
just nak mintak create kan kawaii header, and i'm gonna give you free dolls :)

just text me ya via my fb page ~

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