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ami - Lovey-Dovey Bunny :)

AMi-chan Story

Hello ~
next time if i make a new amigurumi or talk about amigurumi the title for the entry will be "ami"
sorry for not updating my blog for few days..
I've been busy try to make a new patterns for izumi shop..

Thanks to readers of my blog , friends who also my lovely customer for making me make a new kind of doll, hehe..
after my last entry , i got a lot of request make a bear, bunny , domo, penguin..etc..

Alhamdulilah, thank you Allah :)

So, this is a request from my customer..
it's is inspired by an Easter bunny made by a crocheter and uh i don't remember the link of her blog..
i tried to make it and tadaaa !!

Lovey-Dovey Bunny !!

other pictures of the bunny :)

hehe they got tail okay.. 
big whitey tail >w<
i made the inner ear using pink colored yarn also, but if you don't know how to do it..just use felt..
(i'm totally a failure in felting craft world,haha) XD

Yay or Nay ?
if you love it, just make the order via my Izumi Shop 

Some people said , mira jual amigurumi mahal sangat..
is that true ? 
kalau rasa mahal, silalah survey dekat online shop lain :)

Thank you for reading ~ :)
will update order new dolls later.. ^^ 

p/s : the pattern of this Lovey-Dovey Bunny originally made by me :)
        i don't copy others pattern
Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥