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Raya with Bestie :)

Holla ~
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My best friend, Elyn went to my house last Thursday with her Mom, brother, niece and her boyfriend..
1 year i didn't met her..and hari raya buat kitorang jumpa balik :)
she still the same like i met her 2 years ago..
before went home, she gave me a lot of mask and a lipstick (house of healin brand)

i'm gonna make a review
if i got time :)

and of course i went to her house last Saturday ~
she always chirpy like always..hehe
we talked and laughed a lot..(miss her damn much!!)

Oh well, we promise to hangout together sometimes..
take a lot of pictures of course, hehe..

thank you! Elyn for inviting me to your house !!
we will meet again ya ~ TwT

hehe, thanks for reading my entry :)
sayonara ~

attention my dear customer yang belum buat payment
silalah wat payment sebelum hari Khamis (30/08/2012)
i wanna post all the dolls on Khamis
Thank you :)

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