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about Giveaway and LEAD [NOW or NEVER]

Hai !! i didn't update too often lately eh..
really busy with my life (of course work)..
oh well, "tired" will always be my friend forever :)

check all the link of my giveaways
thank you sweetie..for all the cute entry

 ありがとうございます!for joining my GIVEAWAY !!
i was a bit shock because so many bloggers join my giveaway ~
feel so happy and so excited !!

What make me more excited is my favorite group, LEAD will be releasing their 6th album tomorrow !!
kyaaaa~ i'm waiting to receive my copy (>w<)

Hiroki  Keita  Akira  Shinya  !!
 you so much !! >////<

10 years loving them
can't live without Lead music and dance !!

Oh,actually i wanna tell you, the giveaway will END soon
so, for those yang tak join lagi..make sure join ya !!
3 more days left :))

i still don't know what amigurumi should i make for the giveaway..
any ideas guys ?? :)

see you later in my next entry !!
sayonara !!! (>w<)

6 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

Awesomeness said...

hello kitty or doreamon..
waa,they soo cute..

OddbloggerNarcs said...

a rabbit or Stitch or Pooh or anything cute~! XD

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Awesomeness oh,great ideas !! >w<
thanks :)

Mira Kagimoto said...

@OddbloggerNarcs hehe rabbit will surely be in the list XD

Pink PlatypuS ^^ said...

korilakkuma! xD,doremon comel jugak xD

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Pink PlatypuS ^^ hehe,tq for the idea >w<

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥