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Winner of Mira's Superheroes Contest

Hey guys, sorry for not updating anything :)
just too busy with life..(well everybody busy with their own life, right? )
well , i'm late reading the contestant entries and just read it today..
already choose the winner.. :)

Thank you for joining my contest..
menang or kalah tu memang adatlah kan..
jangan sedih or geram if tak menang, mungkin i'll make a giveaway next year..
just wait for it..

All the entries was so great and awesome..
some of the bloggers totally creative in using words.. ^^
it's a lie , if korang cakap tak pernah minat superhero..
maksudnya, masa kecik2 lah.. :)

My most favorite superheroes are Captain America & Ironman..
i love Captain America since i was 6 years old..
playing the game :)

Ironman is awesome and i love Tony Stark :)

i kinda love the body
LOL, i'm pervert ! >///<

Other contestant also great , please join my GA next time :)

Winner can you please contact me..? 
dalam masa 3 hari ye, or i'll choose other winner :)

p/s : next time i'll post the picture of the prize >3<

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fiqah hamed said...

Congratd to the winner..(":

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