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LEAD「Stand and Fight」

Good morning friends..i should make an entry about this yesterday
but i'm too damn busy with work so gonna postpone it today,hehe..
okay lets start typing this entry !! (>w<) 

Well some of you maybe don't know who is Lead..
you can check it out here : Ameblo LEAD 
i love them so much! totally a part of my life,yeah me so obsessed with LEAD

NOW or NEVER cover :)

Yesterday,Lead new PV was released..
watch this !! >w<
Stand and Fight 
everyone can be a hero :)
yeah,i love this song !!

i love their black and red outfit..especially akira-kun!!
he so kakkoii and kawaii at the same time.. (gosh!i love him so much)
Keita look pretty and manly..i like his hair style..
Hiroki also a got a really damn nice style and his always smile in this PV!
Shinya !! my cool guy ~ he keep getting cute and handsome day by day !!

for your information, 
Lead will be releasing their 6th album on JULY 18(NOW or NEVER)
10th year anniversary !! will always support you guys !!
i wanna meet them so badly !! T^T 

p/s : later i will make an entry about "how and with who i learn to crochet"
stay tuned !! ^^

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