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Dara.com, Ray and Waffle Cake :)

Oyasuminasai !!
just feel like updating something..
before that i wanna say sorry because i rarely got time to stop by at your blogs >m<
but no need to worry meh, will follow you back soon ~
(please don't say i'm sombong(´・_・`) 

Went to bookstore with my mom and sis, i bought magazines again !!
Dara.com and Ray magazine :)

also got free sunsilk sample :)
if good, i wanna change my shampoo brand >,<

model of dara.com mag cover looks really pretty and cute >w<
hehe,i don't read both mag yet ~


Last Monday,i bought this waffles..hehe a little bit ketinggalan..
(i just know that waffles available in small size) (o_O)
they got 4 flavor i think and i bought 3 flavors 
orange, banana and chocolate..
you know what? the taste of that waffles so yummy that i could eat a dozen of it >w<

my most favorite flavor 

choose one !! 

Oh i always love talking about food, one of my obsession  o (◡‿◡)
so see ya in my next entry minna !!
chuuu ~    ~(^з^)-☆ 

p/s : already bought Lawak Kamus 14
have you got your copy ?

8 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

Izzah Ab Aziz said...

waffle flavour banana ?
tak pernah try lagi lah.. macam sedap jer :D

sofiarti oktarina said...

wah kita pon suka dara :)

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Izzah Ab Aziz hehe you should try it :)

Mira Kagimoto said...

@sofiarti oktarina bestkan? colorful je >w<

AmyZana said...

Suka bce majalah Dara and Ray ya? ;) sye pernah beli majalah Dara but mcm x menarik je so dah stop beli~ Ray magazine tuh nmpk mcm interesting~ maybe i shud try reading Ray after this ;))

Mira Kagimoto said...

@AmyZana sy mmg suke dara coz bnyk tips..hehe..oh maybe u should try read hijabsta :)
ray are more into casual fashion ^^

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

woaah..waffle..mcm sedap jew..=)

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik really sedap tau..hehe :)

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