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Scawaii Magazine May/June issue ~ 2012

12:43 p.m here :)
actually i don't know what to write (haha)
maybe i should talk about magazine that i bought today ^__^

Scawaii May/JUN issue !! finally found it at bookstore near my house ~
Nozomi Sasaki as the cover..(she got a really nice skin)
haha, how can i have a really nice skin without any dark spot on my face ?
any tips friends ? :)
(recently i got no time to take a good care of my skin..huh ~)
 too buzy i think -_-"

Scawaii May/JUNE issue
i love the cover >w<

Lots of info i can get via this magazine..so all fashion lovers must buy it ne ~
i really love fashion, and really wanna have a lot of kawaii clothes just like in Scawaii magazine !
haha i kinda love knitting clothes (too bad i don't have it yet)

pretty right ?

a lot of new make up..
hmm gonna try one of this (going to my cousin wedding next month)
help choose which makeup should i try minasan ^0^/

Japanese makeup are totally cool !
don't need plastic surgery to look beautiful ~
power of makeup ne ~ >w<
wanna makeup like a pro (must practice!)

everytime i read Scawaii magazine, this is my most favorite part !
Eyelash and Circle Lens !! 
lalalala tsukema tsukeru ~ (lets sing kyary-chan song !) 

I rarely update my blog because i'm damn buzy with life..
also need to focus on my future..(so i only update when i have free time)
ありがとうございます! for following me >w<
already 700++ followers!! うれし!! 

To my followers : だいすきだよ !!
see ya next time minna !!

p/s :waiting for LEAD new album NOW OR NEVER
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2 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

CikAnyss' :O said...

Hello ,, i just know this Scawaii from Maii blog , so bad right .. haha , gotta bought it soon !

Mira Kagimoto said...

@CikAnyss' :O hehe Scawaii (must bought magazine) >w<

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