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Pou Game Inspired and Little Conversation

Good day friends :)
hope you guys have a great Sunday, although the weather is too hot for me to resist..
wanna go out after this, buying some craft materials..(mine already out of stock LOL)

Just wanna make some announcement , after this my blog will update only about my amigurumi stuff, craft materials..
no more magazine, makeup stuff.. ><
more too business blog, i think..hehe


Most of android user must have known this game..
kawaii pou, that we take care like a little baby..haha!
my brother's girlfriend request me to make 2 pou cat..
at first i was like.. "err..can i make it"
and later i said to myself.."uhh let's give a try"

before i shared my pou amigurumi, let's see what is pou game actually..

you can download it at GOOGLE PLAY

tadaa !!
my latest pattern (i think,hehe)
what do you think ??


Last topic, haha about the header..it's totally cute right?
thanks to Luqman Hakim for making the header..
hontou ni kawaii >,<

arigato ne ~

by the way, orders for batch 4 is opening now..
place your orders before its too late :)
if rasa rugi order sebab postage, senang je cara dia..
ajak kawan-kawan lain beli sekali if lebih 10 dolls mira bagi FREE POSTAGE :)


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