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Harry Potter was freakin' awesome !!!

Good day friends !
already had your lunch ?
me? not yet but later i will
maybe going to pasar malam this petang ^^/

Okay lets skip our chit-chat.
Hey did you guys already watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2 ?

i watch it yesterday and the comment is :

i went with both of my onlysister and my abg ipar
we watched it on 3.45 p.m
that time i felt i don't have any patient anymore haha ^^

i'll keep this tickets for memory ^^
love harry potter <3

okay,this the last harry potter ever T^T
so i took some pictures for memories ^^

oh i'm look fat !!
okay2 lets focus on that picture ^^

its a bit dark here
oh of course i'm with harry
haha xD

me with ai-chan ^^
she's with voldemot
hehe just kidding ^w^

this free transformer cup and popcorn holder(wth i'm babbling)
(2 in 1)

well thanks for reading
aww its feel really sad that i'll never see another harry potter movie
when i was watching that movie yesterday i felt like wanna cry
especially a part where harry potter wanna sacrifices himself

Harry Potter will always be the greatest movie ever !!

3 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

bersama kak Es said...

tak sangka kan... dari novel terus meletop kat cinema

Miss Rainbow said...

tawo xpe
best2 !!

Miss Rainbow said...
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