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cinta in amigurumi so much !!

hey there fella !!
really long time i didn't update anything right ?
thats because i was to busy working ^^
migrain make me tak boleh menaip T_T

by the way, by the time i didn't online my blog..i keep busying my free time with crochet+amigurumi
it turn out very well ^^
here's some of my handmade amigurumi

this was my first crochet doll ^^
greeny her name :)

my love bunny with floppy eared bunny
for my sis,ai-chan

kawaii right
really love it ^^
perasan terer beb !!

and this is all my collection ^o^

i need more practice ^w^

thanks for reading !!

3 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

bersama kak Es said...

Ya ampuuunnnn.. u r so creative !!!
Kak es dah mula jatuh CHENTA niii!! boleh buat henset holder tuuu

Miss Rainbow said...

hehe arigatou kak es ^w^/

Yomalova Kissme said...

so000..KAWAII~ ^^

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