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Cookies Lovers ~

hey peeps ~ just finish cleaning the house , tireddd !!
in this few days i feel so depressed , don't know why :(

so maybe i should write an entry about what i love,hehe
i love to bake cookies, cake , cupcakes (and everything that sweet!)

source : weheartit 

while i was searching kawaii pictures at weheartit, i found this cute rilakkuma cookies recipe.
so maybe i should try making it ne ~ >W<

any of you have try making this?
do share with me !!

Oh , 1st thing that i really hate in baking cookies are this ~

so true !

by the way , i can't baking any cookies right now because i'm on diet (strict diet)
my cousin will be marry on JUNE , so must at least lost a few kilos..
so my aunt and grandma will be shock at my new appreance, hehe
(too bad i'm not a vegetarian)

friends, do follow me on twitter ya : mira kagimoto
especially gyaru lover or LEAD fans >W<
i really love to talk with you guys !

i think i'll stop right here .
till me meet again, sayonara ~

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:::Mizz Freesia::: said...

Haha!!! It's remind me about my experience baking a cake... However, you can do it! Ganbatte!!! XD

Mira Kagimoto said...

@GUSTIAWAN tq ^^ ..okay ~

Mira Kagimoto said...

@:::Mizz Freesia::: hehe, baking cake sometimes fun but sometimes really hard to baked -_-'
arigatou ne ~ >w<

| Lucy Heartfilia | said...

waaahhhhh so many rilakkuma in ur blog!!! i definitely follow uu! x3 i love rilakkuma!!! x3

Mira Kagimoto said...

@| Lucy Heartfilia | hehe will follow u too friend ~ >w<

Jessica said...

Wow how cute! I'd love to try baking Rilakkuma cookies. Ha ha. Good luck with the diet! Maybe you can bake diet Rilakkuma cookies XD

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Jessica if u try making this cookies don't forget to show me :)
haha,yeah u rigth, maybe i'll try baking diet cookies,hehe >,<

Laura said...

I found this recipe in a mini rilakkuma chocolate and coffee memo pad!

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥