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LAVA Donut, Yummy !!

Hey peeps ! ^^
i should make an entry about this yesterday but i'm too busy with other things.
gomen ne ~ >,<

source : weheartit

So today , i got a little free time to update, hehe.
who loves cooking ? hands up !!
oh, i see many of you loves cooking eh ? \(^ ^)/

i love cooking and EATING !!!
okay lets get start ! (*≧▽≦)

the ingredients are :

1 and a half cup of white flour
1/3 cups of sugar
a half cup of milk
1 egg
2 tablespoons of melted butter
2 tablespoon of baking powder
a half teaspoon of salt
some strawberry jam

How to :

1st you must mix sugar, milk , egg and melted butter into a mixing bowl.
In another bowl use a sifter(tapis) and add the flour , baking powder and salt
and now add the sifted ingredients to the liquids (blend it to a dough)
*you may mix them using a wooden spoon and it work better using bare hands too

after that take out the dough and roll it rather thinly using a rolling pin (of course)
then, stamped them into rounds.
using a spoon scoop out some strawberry jams and put them on half of the rounds.
brushed the edges of the rounds with water so that the dough can stick together.
don't forget to press them together so that the jam won't slipped out when you FRY them..

*repeat process until the dough finish ~
sound hard right but its really easy when you read it slowly (>w<)
if you don't understand this , you may send message to me ~

so yummy !
the jam melted in my mouth~

okay, see you next time ne ~
sayonara >0<

p/s : trying to make a new recipe of cupcakes

10 kawaii/kakkoii friends:

Mia Cadbury said...

wahh >.< nyumnyum!!!! love donut ^^,

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Mia Cadbury me too !! u should try >w<

Myra Azraff said...

craving!grrrrr ^,^

Mira Kagimoto said...

myra hehe me also meh :)

Sunmi Unnie@Patsy said...

yummy,want to eat this..^_^

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Sunmi Unnie@Patsy hehe, lets eat it together ne ~ ^^

Chaitea said...

Those look so cute and tasty

Mira Kagimoto said...

@Chaitea thanks ~ they are really tasty ne.. XD

CikAnyss' :O said...

Hello , i'm glad you love gyaru too , we have same passion , btw how old are you ?
thank you l;0

Mira Kagimoto said...

@CikAnyss' :O yeah gyaru are awesome !!
i'm 21 this year.. >w<

Mira Kagimoto Properties ♥