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Big fan of LAWAK KAMPUS!! and magazine !!

Buenas noches !! i mean good night in spanish ^^
Last night i just bought newest GEMPAKSTARZ magazine
Thanks mom for buying it for me ^w^/
Gempakstarz always the greatest magazine ever ^o^

Today,i bought 2 new magazines =>
*Lawak Kampus 10

really rarely buying Klik magazine -_-' ..Ai-chan told me that there's Alice Nine picture in that magazines
its not the newest picture but i still like it..during Gemini album ^^
Love it !!

2nd upload !! =>
New !! ^o^/

Also can't wait for Maid Maiden Thursday by Kaoru !
i just read gempakstarz..oh how hate when Ngu dead in USER story T^T
and i hate Miki for killing Ngu.. ^o^/

Thats all my synopsis of the day
hope u enjoy my boring story >///<


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ika said...

eh..lawak kampus da kuar yg terbaru ea?? nk beli2..pminat giler lawak kampus !!
love vaness..hahaha

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