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My Dream Guy

Its now 1:39 p.m
The weather  is okay but i think its gonna rain today
Good time for sleep :)

I like to share about my dream guy ^w^/
just for fun okay ?!

Kawaii like :
IV from ViViD band !! he's really cute totally look like a girl..oh iv will u become my boyfiee ? ^o^/

Kireii like :
Winner goes to SHOU-kun from ALICE NINE..he's always be my favorite..daisuki <3

Kakkoii like :
LEAD youngest member AKIRA-kun ^3^..first japanese man and singer that i really love..i'm really his biggie fan !!

Sexy and Great Body like :
Kyaaa!! nosebleed >///< sexy GACKT...hehe i adore his body so much..feel like wanna touch them ^^
Yeah sorry i'm kinda pervert :p..
Oh GACKT will u marry me <3

Lists of my dream guy...haha XD
what about you??
share with me yaa!!


p/s : if u don't like my posts..simply get out from here..if you think i'm such a perv..why must i care ?? XD

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