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headache !! i'm thirst for the tutorials

My layout make me annoyed :(
i wish somebody would help me with the layout..but NONE !!
the header also make me mad , headache..
really hard to make one header ne.. :(

So,with a help from GOOGLE !! i try searching for header tutorials.. ^^
and TADAAA !! i just found a sofware => GIMP
it's kinda like photoshop but more simple i thing :)
hey ! help me..the gimp really look complicated :'(

Then YOUTUBE came to save me..oh my savior ^o^/
but i still blurr *-* because my internet was so slow (download to many video) -_-'
Right now i just have to wait for the bill to reach at my home box > peti surat laaa.. and make my sister Ai-chan for pay it ^^/

With the help of the tutorial, i know how to change hair colors !!
Hello, its an achievement okay ?!

Just want you to see my own header using paint
Its plain ,i know -_-''
this my 3rd piece of art ^^
header of shou-kun

okay,now please excuse me..i have a date with my new boyfiee 
Gackt !! just start to like him..love his body..auww,perv !!


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