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Practice make Perfect !!

Minna-san !!
here at my place its already 11.28 p.m...
everyone are sleeping except me ^^
before i start my this nighty entry, i would like to thanks everyone who are really kind to adding me as your friend in my facebook => miya-chan
For those who are reading this and not yet adding me as your friend
Please add me..and i'm really excited to be friend with you (but sorry,i'm slow in english -_-')

Okay,focus on my entry ^-^
i really love art especially in drawing
i keep posting my art on one of this page *can't include that page name..sorry !!
some people gave me +ve comments and some -ve comments -_-'
well i can't blame them..yeah my drawing are not so good :(

Last week i post my new art, i'm drawing a picture of gackt..
and of course people comments..=>
A : ok
B : not bad
and a few good comments
and then this C guy give me a really 'good comment'..he said =>
C: yeah, ugly.. ( well in malay they called 'hodoh' )
if he's really good in art please show me..don't just give a -ve comment..

Right now i just keep practicing and practicing some more ^^
Gambatte miya-chan !!

*internet are so slow..ah,well i will upload my drawing next time

*yawn~ oyasumi minna-san


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